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w/Eagle Blades

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Testing done at heavy amp loads
The Eagle 6-rotor on the Southwest 403 wind turbine

air x, air-x Factory specs, without Eagle blades.






air x, air-x


air x, air-xThe first thing we had to do was to extend the tail since the 62" rotor was trying to fly downwind. The 403/AirX 17mm shaft is the same as the Eagles shaft so everything bolted up just fine although a few shaft spacers are required to get the blades away from the PMA housing. The results were amazing! The blades would simply not stop turning! Even when there was no perceivable wind in the air the blades turned at about 100 rpm. Even in seemingly dead calm wind conditions its was puzzling to ponder why the blades kept spinning. We can deduct that it was partially due to the superb bearings Southwest Wind Power uses on their turbines in combination with our big blades.

When the wind was measurable at about 1.3 MPH the blades turned at about 300 rpm! There is not a lot of wattage in 1.3 MPH winds but it was still an impressive display of potential power.

air x, air-xFindings:
A. At wind speeds between 2 and 14 MPH our blades produced significantly more power on the 403/X than their stock blades produced while "working" under heavy amp load conditions (The real world).

B. At wind speeds over 14 MPH the small rotor on the southwest's 403/X could rev quicker and produce much higher voltages. But when under extra heavy charging loads the stock AirX blades quickly rev'd down and could not pull the load without stalling.

C. At wind speeds over 14 MPH the Hornet 6 rotor could produce more amperage in conditions that had heavy electrical loads without the rotor slowing down as much as the southwests 403/X stock blades.

D. It was almost noise free with the big blades effectively turning the 403/X into a very neighbor friendly machine.

The 403/AirX was transmuted into a low wind / high amperage powerhouse in charging conditions that drew high amp loads. Shorting out the output wires will not stop the big blades from turning in wind conditions that exceed 14+ MPH. They will just keep turning and making power (Careful! The wires get hot!)
The differences between the Hornet to 403X blade types are probably best compared by how the turbine behaves after the output wires are shorted together in the attempt to stall the blades. That's when you can really see the POWER differences! TORQUE = HIGH AMPS.

Be careful! In high wind conditions DO NOT attempt to stop a modified 403/X by shorting the wires as this may burn up the wiring harness. Its better just to let it spin and use the power. We have tested the unit in the photo above to 90 MPH with our "Wind tunnel on wheels" vehicle without damage.

You can buy our tail kit and moifiy it to fit your Air-X. But Blades can be ordered by clicking here. Making a tail is very basic and easy. A 30" flat steel bar (1/4" by 1.5"), four 1/4" bolts with self locking nuts and a 12" by 12" sheet of 16 gauge aluminum at the end. It is not an exact science so just about anything you put back there that is long and flat will help keep the 403/X turned the right way. Just make sure its strong and secure.

We make no recommendation or claim that our blades should be purchased and placed on any 403 or X type wind turbines or any other turbines for that matter. So to do this is at your own risk.
We do not offer any tech support for this conversion.


This is a set of 6 carbon fiber reinforced turbine blades. Each of these blades are 28" long, and 6" wide at the base. If you mount them on a hub (home made) with the back end of the blades 2" from the center, the diameter of the swept area would be 60" These are very heavy duty blades. Impresive design and construction. These blades are similar in design to and WILL fit directly on the AIR-X wind turbine. Each blade is 6" longer than the factory AIR-X blade, and 1.5" wider at the base. The bolt holes line up perfectly with the hub of the AIR-X. These blades will out perform the stock AIR-X blades in every way. If you need a set of replacement blades for your AIR-X, why not up grade? You can use just 3 blades and have 3 for backup, or intall our hub and 6 blades.

These are the MOST powerful 3 blade, high speed system on the market today! Great for putting new life into your old 303, 403 or Air-X.

If you are trying to build your own wind turbine using an AMETEK or 90 VDC type motor or any other such device you are going to need a LOT of speed which gives you that special type of hard twisting power that just can't easily be stopped ! This assures that you are catching all the wind and that no potential power is slipping past the blades ! When you see these blades working you are really going to fall in LOVE with their POWER !!! Wind turbines using an AMETEK or other type of DC motor as the power plant perform extraordinarily WELL with this type of blade design that is capable of producing these incredibly fast speeds ! Fat aluminum or wood blades just can't turn fast enough to hit the ultra high speeds many of the home made wind turbines need in order to really put out the heavy duty amperages!!! These blades are also VERY forgiving in the event of mishaps. 99% of the time they can hit the ground and never break in the event of tower falls or other such mishaps. MADE of VERY TOUGH MATERIAL! Can be bent at 140 degrees and they will pop right back into perfect shape If an aluminum blade bends even a little bit it's going be off balance and the vibration will slowly destroy everything on the upper turbine head. Our blades turn with such perfect balance you can't feel any vibration in the pole!!! Absolutely beautiful ultra high speed balance,,, REAL SMOOTH ! oooooo Build Your Own Wind Turbines with our ultra powerful blade sets. Specifications: Large 59" Diameter can generate 800 watts or more depending on PMA efficiency. These 3 carbon fiber blades are made from special plastic is rated to endure for over 75 years in direct sunlight! Will NEVER bend or crack like wood! Requires ZERO maintenance! These blades are engineering perfection! They turn so incredibly fast it's hard to imagine how they can do it! You will not be disappointed with the power of these fast turning modern speed demons ! Can also be used to power tape drive

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