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Up to 40' Deep



REMOVE PLUNGER AND COMPONENTS. Remove handle and link assembly (bolts are 5/16 x 1-1/2 and 5/16 x 2 and maybe replaced with any common/standard bolt) Remove 2 cap screws

Place the mounting cap lug in a vise with pump body in a horizontal position (a cloth or rag should be used on the jaws of vise to prevent marking the lug)

In the field if no vise is available this may be accomplished by inserting a screwdriver or other tool through the bolt hole in lug and holding by hand

With lug held securely place both hands on pump body turn counter clockwise pulling body away from cap.

Note Model# UPP2 has no "0" ring and cap will remove easily with a turn and pull motion.

With cap and plunger assembly removed place flat head of plunger rod in a vise using cloth for protection. Again a screwdriver may be used by inserting through the hole in plunger rod.

Holding plunger rod in place, a wrench or pliers on the bottom plunger nut, turn counter clockwise to remove. Pull plunger components off rod observing order of assembly.

REMOVE CHECK VALVE: Use any socket extension (minimum length 10") and a 7/16 socket. Hold or secure extension in a vertical position (socket up) and place pump body up-side down over socket. Locate hex head on check in the socket, with wrench or pliers remove check valve nut turning counter clockwise. With check valve assembly removed seating ring can be replaced by pulling it off the poppit (slip fit).

RE-ASSEMBLE: In reverse order, out on check valve should be flush with end of stem. Do Not run top nut on plunger rod past the threads. Align location pin on plunger valves With this assembly in proper order tighten the bottom nut "snug" do not over tighten.

Place the bottom of pump body on a flat, solid surface and insert plunger assembly with cap. Be careful to align cap with body to prevent damage to "0" ring - Model# UPP2. With a turning motion press down until cap is seated. Align cap screw holes in body with those in the cap.

Ultimate Hand Lift Pump Model Number UPP2 is a positive displacement suction lift pump. They will give good performance on any depth well or pumping application where the suction lift, vertical distance (pumping level) does not exceed 20 feet.

These pumps may be attached directly to a 2 in. or smaller diameter wellhead, PVC or steel pipe and pumped by the straight suction method. Teflon tape is recommended as a thread sealant. Hand tight on all fittings, or enough to prevent leakage. No air leaks in the suction pipe.

A small amount of water must be added to the pump for initial prime, pump handle until all air is eliminated and pump is fully primed. Takes about one cup of water to prime the pump.

These pumps may also be installed with a drop pipe or tubing of suitable length and diameter with a foot valve(1-1/4" drop pipe recommended. Lower to desired depth (below water) raise and lower in short strokes until suction pipe fills with water and pump is primed. The use of a foot valve will maintain permanent prime - remove check valve from inside pump when foot valve is used. Also, you need to drill a 1/8" hole in the drop pipe approximatly 4' below the surface, or at least 1 foot below the freeze line of your soil.

When using flexible suction tubing we suggest using a sch. 80 threaded PVC adapter attached to the pump. This will enter a 2 in. well and add rigidity at the pump.

Our optional base mount may also be used for mountlng these pumps to flat surface or more secure attachment. This base is a PVC or ABS 4x3 spigot toilet flange which slips onto the bottom of the pump.

ON PRESSURE APPLICATIONS: The spout on this pump is 1-1/2 in. (Schedule 40 PVC Slip size) and may be used slip-fit or solvent welded with universal cement to pipe or adapters for most any plumbing configuration. These are available most anywhere locally or we can supply them with the pump.

We normally use a 1-1/2 in. Spig X 1-1/4 in. Fipt at the pump this allows the use of a threaded adapter, bushing or union to your application, which is easily removed.

A pipe solvent welded to the pump will be permanently attached, and must be cut for removal.

Note: The UPP2 is designed for pressure application with a packing nut on the plunger rod and a ring seal on the mounting cap. On permanent installations a tee must be installed at or near the pump for priming.

Hand tight only on packing nut, do not over tighten. Assemble handle and plunger bolts loose for movement.

If you have any questions on Installation or application contact us.

ON ALL PUMPS the use of our optional discharge fittings will improve performance. The 1-1/2 Spig X 1-1/4 Fipt PVC bushing will press fit into discharge and can be removed (or solvent welded permanently). This adapts the discharge to standard 1-1/4" pipe thread for a variety of applications.

With the above adapter in place the 1-1/4" insert XMipt adapter ell will screw into it. Turned in an up position makes priming easier. Turn down to pump or divert water in any direction or attach discharge pipe or hose.

We can furnish adapter to hose thread or almost any size pipe or plumbing. these inexpensive fittings are a standard and are available most places locally.