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Hand Water Pump


Up to 40' Deep Maximum


Items that can be purchased from our store:
The pump and cylinder
A flange for bottom of pump, see them at this link:     Flanges
NOTE: You can raise the pump higher using the #A43CF Flange and using a 3" PVC Pipe cut to length and then glued to the pump using 2-part epoxy, then glued to the flange using PVC glue. The flange will bolt down to the Well Cap, or your pump mounting surface. We show both flanges on our Pitcher Pump page.
2-Part Epoxy Glue to glue the flange to the pump (Or, you can use 4ea 1/2" screws and go through the flange into the pump to hold the flange onto the pump.
Plumbers Putty w/Teflon
Purple Primer
PVC Glue
3/8" x 1-1/2" Eye Bolt
3/8" Polypropelene Rope (Safety rope for Cylinder) (Will not rot in water) (Footage per install depth)
1/4" x 20' Polypropelene Rope (Safety rope for pump rod)
1 ea - Tube of Lexcel elastometric caulking (Apply between flange and well cap)
(Items below may differ in size depending on the mounting surface.)
4 ea - 1/4" x 1" Stainless Steel Bolts (Used to bolt down flange to well cap or mounting surface)
8 ea - 1/4" Stainless Steel Washers
4 ea - 1/4" Stainless Steel Lock Washers
4 ea - 1/4" Stainless Steel Lock Nuts
We can provide Drill bits if needed, just let us know.

But locally you can purchase:
1/2" x 20' Sch.80 PVC Pipe, this will be your "rod" pipe that goes in the middle of the 2" PVC and is connected to the rod pipe on the Cylinder.
2" x 20' Sch.40 PVC Pipe, which will go down to the cylinder.
1/2" x Sch.80 PVC Couplings
2" Sch.40 PVC Coupling, Note: if pipe has bell ends you may not need couplings
(May need 1 if you use the tip below.)
1 ea - 2" Sch.80 Male Adapter (Screws into bottom of pump)

"Make it little easier" Tip: The pump cylinder is made of 2" sch.80 pipe with a foot valve on the end (Then interior is slightly smaller in diameter than Sch.40 pipe.) Purchase a 2" Sch.40 PVC Coupling and a 2" x 1-1/4" PVC Threaded Bushing (The foot valve is 1-1/4" and will screw into the bushing). Then remove the foot valve off of the cylinder that we provide. Install the coupling and threaded bushing onto the end of a 2" x 20' Sch.80 Pipe using purple primer and pvc glue. You would only need one piece of 2" x 20' Sch.80 pipe. The 2" x 20' Sch.80 piece of pipe then becomes your "cylinder". Makes for an easier install since you don't have to be so particular with the amount of 1/2" pipe you have to cut off at the end of the install in order to prevent the piston from hitting the bottom or the top of the cylinder that we provide. You can cut 1' or 1-1/2' off of the 1/2" Sch.80 pipe instead of an absolute 10''. NOTE: You cannot use 2" Sch.40 pipe for this because the inside diameter is a bit larger and will not work with our piston.

Drill a 3-1/2" hole into the center of your well cap, or your pump mount surface (home built box). NOTE: The Flanges Diameter is 7", so it will only fit an 8" well casing. Place your Flange onto the well cap and place center punch down the main 4 holes on the base of the flange and using a hammer hit the center punch marking the places where you need to drill a 5/32" or 3/16" hole, then drill them out. Or, clamp the flange onto the well cap and using a 1/4" drill bit drill the four holes using the flange as a guide. Apply some of the Lexcel elastometric caulk to the area where the Flange sides will touch the well cap. Now install the flange onto the well cap using the 4 Stainless Steel bolts, washers (on top of flange & under well cap), and nuts. Wipe off excess Lexcel caulking.

At this point if you are using the Spigot Flange (#A43CFS) go ahead and glue the Pump to the Flange with 2-part epoxy. The pump will be low to the ground as shown at this link.

If you are using the #A43CF Flange, Install the 3" PVC Pipe (Custom Length) to the Flange with Purple Primer then PVC glue. DO NOT GLUE THE 3" PVC PIPE TO THE PUMP YET WITH THE 2-PART EPOXY. THIS WILL BE THE LAST STEP IF YOU ARE USING THE #A43CF FLANGE INSTEAD OF THE SPIGOT FLANGE.

(1) Securely tie one end of a 3/8" polypropelene (non rot) rope to the cylinder to prevent it from falling down the well during pump installation. You will need as much rope as you have pipe. (2) Install an eye bolt inside of the well casing by drilling a 3/8" hole into the side of the casing. Install the eye bolt by putting your hand down inside the casing and pushing the threaded end out of the drilled hole and install a washer and lock nut to threaded end. (3) Tie the other end of the rope securely to the eye bolt. (4) Remove the cylinder rod w/piston attached. It will be installed after all 2" pipe has been installed. (5) Connect the 2" x 20' pipe to the cylinder coupling by applying purple primer to the coupling then the pipe. Apply pvc glue to the the pipe only, a generous amount, then pushing both together and turning at same time about a 1/2 turn. The idea is to keep the glue from pushing out into the inside of the pipe. (6) Do all other 2" x 20' Sch.40 pipe going up to the pump in the same fashion. You may or may not need 2" couplings depending on the supplier you use, which some suppliers purchase the pipe with the coupling already built into the pipe, so ask when you are purchasing. Note: You will install all of the 2" pipe down into the well first then the 1/2" pipe and piston will be installed next. (7) On the last section of 2" x 20' Pipe, coming from the top of the pipe down 1 Foot below the frost line in your area, drill a 1/8" or 3/16" hole into the 2" pipe only. This will allow the water in the pump to drain out to this level once you finish pumping and prevent if from freezing. (8) Glue the 2" PVC Male adapter to end of 2" pvc pipe that is going down to cylinder w/primer & glue. (9) Connect the 1/2" x 20' Sch.80 Pipe to the 1/2" Sch.80 rod/piston from the cylinder using purple primer then pvc glue to both sides of the connection. (10) Install a 1/2" Sch.80 coupling to the end of the 20' pipe w/primer & glue. (11) Tie the 1/4" pc of rope to the 1/2" pc of pipe making sure it will not slip by the 1/2" coupling on the end. Tie the other end of the 1/4" rope off to something, like a shovel, so you wont loose the 1/2" pipe down the 2" pipe. (12) Push the piston with 1/2" x 20' rod down into the 2" pipe, holding onto the 1/2" pipe. (13) Connect the next coupling and 1/2" x 20' pipe using the purple primer and then pvc glue on both sides of the connection. (14) Move the rope up to the next 1/2" x 20' pipe and push the 1/2" x 20' pc with the piston down the 2" pipe. (15) Continue in this fashion until you have installed all of the necessary 1/2" pipe. (16) Let the piston hit the bottom then pull it up and cut 10 inches off of the 1/2" pvc rod which is inside of 2" pvc pipe, remove burs with sand paper, apply purple primer and pvc glue to cut end of pipe and Pump Rod coupling then push together turning them at same time, appx 1/2 turn. (17) Apply Plumbers Putty w/Teflon on the Pumps 2" threads and the 2" PVC Male Adapter threads, then screw the 2" Pipe (with male adapter glued at end) into the bottom of the pump. Note: If you used our A43CF Flange w/3" Pipe, push the 2" pipe up through the Flange/3" pipe then screw onto the bottom of pump.

NOTE: Before connecting the 1/2" pvc rod to the pump, make sure the 2" Sch.80 Male Adapter is glued to the end of the 2" pipe first, or else you won't get the 2" pipe connected to the pump because the 1/2" pipe will be in the way of getting the 2" male adapter on!! You may need to shave off the points on the corners of the 2" male adapter to screw it into the pump.

If you used our #A43CF Flange then your next step would be to glue the Pump to the 3" PVC pipe using a 2-Part Epoxy. Next, attach the Well Cap back onto the well casing or bolt the Flange down to your mounting surface. Finished.

Pump the handle after all glue has set for a while to get water into the 2" pipe. Let the leather seals soak for a couple days so they can swell up and operate optimally.



LIMITED WARRANTY:  Warranted at retail for a period of ONE YEAR against defects in material or workmanship. Submit proof of purchase and transportation cost and manufacturer will repair or replace the item at their option, no charge. They will also repair or replace pumps for 25% (1/4) of the current retail price plus transportation costs. Return to Mfg. with proof of purchase, installation date, failure date and description of defect.

The pump mfg. will not be liable for damage or wear to products caused by abnormal operating conditions accident, freezing, abuse, misuse, unauthorized alteration or repair, or if the product was not installed in a proper manner. (Pumping sandy water will void the warranty - use foot valve in this case but remove check valve on pump)

Pump Mfg. will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising from installation use, or any other causes. There are no express or implied warrants including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose which extend beyond those warranties described or referred to above.