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British Berkefeld Water Filters


10 December 1999
British Berkefeld Water Filters included in Stuff magazine's top 100 technological advances of the last century.
British Berkefeld Water Filters highlighted by Stuff magazine.

Stuff magazine, a leading UK journal covering the latest advances in design and technology, has recently taken a look back over the most important technological advances of the 20th Century.

Stuff has selected the most significant new product introduced each year and produced a list of one hundred items which have become design classics.

Back in 1904 as Albert Einstein was announcing his Special Theory of Relativity, British Berkefeld was introducing the world's first domestic water filter, which could provide purified drinking water direct from the main. For the first time a supply of safe drinking water was available for householders on demand and British Berkefeld water filters quickly began to play an important role in the control of waterborne diseases.

Stuff have also selected another Fairey product for the year 1919 - the Fairey Seaplane. This was the first aircraft capable of landing on, and taking off from, water.

Today the design of Doulton and British Berkefeld products has changed beyond all recognition, but the latest models remain at the forefront of water filter design.

"...the "Big Berkey", and its exceptional ability to function as an emergency water filter system is what caught our attention."
"...the "Big Berkey", its water filtering capabilities are nothing short of astounding. The Big Berkey requires no electricity and no external plumbing of any type."
Don McAlvany - McAlvany Intelligence Advisor

"My recomendation: British Berkefeld System..."
James Talmage Stevens - Bottom Line Personal March 1, 1999

"Use a water-treatment device that filters e-coli, giardiasis and cryptosporidium bacteria. My favorite: Doulton & British Berkefeld. This gravity-driven portable stainless steel and ceramic model filters 24 gallons a day. Filter lasts 15,000 gallons."
James Talmage Stevens - Moneysworth Newsletter Jan 99

"British Berkefeld performs better than most of the 2,500 water filters on the market."
Matt Martello - Product Review: British Berkefeld Water Filter
Backwoods Home Magazine May/June 1999

"Giardia cysts were found in all of Colorado State University's 10,000 water samples from streams across America. Fecal/oral transmission of giardia often causes diarrhea, flatulence, cramps, and other gastrointestinal problems. Waterborne crypto sickened over 400,000 people and killed dozens of Milwaukee residents in 1993.

Therefore, it is particularly wise to use Berkefeld filters on drinking water downstream of a stock farm, feed lot, or dairy."
Matt Martello - Product Review: British Berkefeld Water Filter
Backwoods Home Magazine May/June 1999

"...the Big Berkey Water Filtrations System is a good investment for you and your family, and I highly reommend it."
Michael S. Hyatt


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