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Staber washing machine

Home & Commercial Units Available
Power it easily with your solar system. Cut home energy washing cost.
Wastes no water, uses less Detergent to clean.


Staber Washing Machine HX2304

staber washing machineSTABER WASHING MACHINE
Commercial Quality Washers for the Home

The Most Energy Efficient on the Market!!
110-150 Watts/Load, 4-5 Ah/Load with 7 amp start surge (AC)
This machine pays for itself in just a few years by using less water, detergent, and energy. (Before completing order, advise as to what will power washer)
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HXW2504 - Stainless Steel Inner Tub and Outside Cabinet: $
HXW2404 - Stainless Steel Inner Tub: $

Staber washing machines are the most efficient washers available based on energy, water, and detergent usage. Staber is the only tumble action washer made in the U.S. that maintains top loading convenience; it operates similar to a front load washer except you maintain top loading convenience. Many design changes and improvements have been made since the machine was introduced back in 1994. Used in commercial environments such as nursing homes, restaurants, salons, fire stations, dry cleaners, and many others, Staber washers can save the average family of three doing eight loads per week over $300 each year in water, energy, and detergent costs (which is around $0.70 less expensive per load than a traditional top load agitator washer).

Staber has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science ‘Best of What’s New’, Consumers Digest ‘Best Buy Issue’, Country Living, Countryside Magazine, Farm Show, Arrington's Bed & Breakfast, Appliance Service News, and Columbus Monthly.


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Benefits for Consumers Using Solar Power

The Staber also gives alternative energy users the most efficient washer available for handling their laundry needs. The Staber runs very efficiently, operating on only 110–150 watt-hours of electricity per wash load. It uses about 4-5 amps during the wash cycle, and surges to about 7 amps when the motor starts.

Unlike other washing machine manufacturers, the warranty is not voided when used on a solar power source. This, while using an average of only 15 gallons of water per load make the Staber is the most energy efficient washer available and the best choice for consumers living "off-grid."

Solar-Related Advantages of the Staber over Traditional Agitator Washers:

  • Operates on alternative power sources without voiding warranty
  • Lower operating energy; only uses 110-150 watt-hours of electricity per wash cycle
  • Less water usage—the Staber saves around 25-40 total gallons of water per load
    (10 gallons of hot)
  • Less detergent used because of less water; save 75% of your detergent costs
  • No transmission means less power used, no big surge when motor starts, and longer life expectancy
  • Washer will pay for itself due to its 75% savings in your detergent costs and maintenance savings
  • Total front access enables consumer to easily maintain and service washer
  • Extracts more water for less drying time to save more energy