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STABER + Other Freight Truck Deliveries
(Non-UPS Deliveries)
Freight FAQS

What You Need To Know about Freight Truck Shipments

Freight Truck Delivery Options and Hazards:
(This applies to anything you purchase that is delivered by a Large Freight Truck)

The Golden Rules of Freight Deliveries:
*** When you receive your order, inspect the outside of the box for dents and holes or mushed corners or areas. Some forklifts will punch a hole right through your package and virtually destroy it. But, you may only see a small rectangular hole. Or, another pallet may have hit your package and the cardboard could have flexed back to its original position leaving undetectable outside damage. Or, another pallet weighing 1000's of pounds may have been put on top of your package crushing the contents.

*** Completely Remove the Product from the box before you sign anything, and before the Freight Truck Driver leaves you. DO NOT SIGN THE "Bill Of Lading" That he will ask you to sign until you have completely inspected the product for FREIGHT DAMAGE. If the product has been damaged, clearly write on the "Bill of Lading" which the Driver will have you sign, a description of the damage, AND have the DRIVER sign by your damage description. (Note: MAKE SURE HIS COPY HAS THE DAMAGE DESCRIPTION ON IT ALSO - some paperwork does not have a carbon copy!!!). If the damage is beyond repair you should reject the delivery and DO NOT SIGN for it! The Freight Company will have to pay for the damage, either replacement or repair and redelivery. If you find damage call the manufacturer or us right then to find out what to do if you are not sure. If you sign for the package without inspecting it, there will be LITTLE OR NO RECOURSE for replacement or repair. You will have to pay for their mishandling, sorry. If someone else unloads it without your inspection, like an employee, immediately inspect the product for damage on the delivery day hour and call ASAP. We may or maynot be able to remedy the problem since the package was signed for as delivered in GOOD CONDITION. The Freight company will say the damage happened after it was delivered, then you are out of luck.


  • Freight truck shipments are based on these factors:
    • Where you want your order delivered too
      1. A Residential Address
      2. A Commercial Address in a business district - Non-Residential Area
      3. The Nearest Freight Terminal to your address (This is a common choice)
    • Where you live - on a paved or dirt road where an 18 wheeler can get to you "by law"
      • Some bridges on your road may not be rated for 50,000 Pound Loaded Trucks!
      • There may be overhanging wires or low bridges that make them impassable
      • If the truck can deliver to your Residential address, there will be an extra fee added to the Commercial address delivery rate. (If picked up from frt. terminal the commercial rate will be charged)
    • Do you need "Liftgate" Service for your Residential or Commercial delivery which has an extra charge?
      • This is a metal ramp attached to the back of the Truck Trailer that lowers the Package down to the ground so that you can manage it from there (Curbside delivery only in some certain cases). If the Package is too heavy for you then you may need this Service. (Note: The Staber Washer, and SunDanzers can be handled by two young men from the truck bed, ramp not needed)
      • If the order requires a forklift and you don't have one then this would be a good Service to choose.
      • Or, a good choice is to pick up the package at the Freight Terminal nearest you if it is convenient. But, some terminals may be 50-100+ miles away if you live far away from major cities.
        • By choosing this option you would only have to pay for a "Commercial Address" shipment
    • Commercial Address Shipments
      • If your order is shipping to a business in a business district (not a home business), and there is someone at that location 5-6 days per week during business hours to receive and unload, then you are eligible for the Commercial Freight Rate.
      • But, you still have to choose whether or not you need "Liftgate Service" - See above
      • Commercial shipments are the least expensive shipment that you can get
        • Be careful if you have it delivered to a friend's business. You may get a damaged product because their employee forgot to check the product for freight damage. Don't expose yourself to this as it can be an expensive learning experience. You should be at the site when it arrives to inspect for damage, don't assume "they will make sure".
    • Setting up an APPOINTMENT for your delivery - Extra Fee charge for this service
      • The charge is not much but it can be extremely helpful especially for Residential Deliveries
      • Commercial deliveries do not need a call before delivery because the business is "always open" and there is no need to schedule an appointment which cost less for the freight company.
    • Demurrage or Storage Fees
      • If you leave an order in their warehouse for a period of time, 1-week in some cases, they will charge you a "storage" fee. They have limited space. The longer the package stays at the terminal, and the smaller the terminal, if limited in space, your package may be moved several times and that increases the Damage Factor!
    • Freight Terminal Pick-Up
      • Many customers choose this option because the package(s), or pallets are loaded onto your truck or trailer by a forklift making it easier to bring to your home and backing it up to where you will need it unloaded.
      • The Commercial Rate is charged for this, so this will be the least expensive, or the same as a Commercial delivery
      • Storage Fees can apply if left too long at the terminal before being picked up
      • Ask our salesman to give you a quote for delivery to the nearest Freight Terminal, and a quote to your Residence. Ask where the terminal is located since it could be 200 miles away if you life far from a major city. Once ordered get the phone number to the terminal in case you need directions to get to their address.

    We want you to be prepared to receive your product in factory condition. If you adhere to the above recommendations you will have an easy time with your delivery. No Surprises!! And the above is the way to handle and determine how and what you need to ask for and do to get your order without problems - from any Freight Truck Company.

    Thank you for shopping with us and sincerely appreciate your business and patronage !!