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Staber Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tub capacity?

The tub capacity is 2 cu. ft., holding up to 16 standard bath towels (measuring 26" x 42") and up to 18 lbs. of dry weight fabric. This is due to being a top loading tumble action design; the entire tub space is usable. Most people will be able to wash up to 50% more laundry per load than they can in typical agitator washers--if they are not overloading their current machine. You cannot compare this 2 cu. ft. as apples-to-apples with other washers because the other washer designs do not utilize their entire tub volume. Check out some of the testimonials we have received from customers related to the larger capacity of Staber washers here:

How much water is used?

The Staber washer uses up to 16.5 gallons of water for a full load in the normal wash cycle, and up to 12 gallons total on the low water level setting. This represents one wash and two rinses per load at 4-6 gallons per fill based on load size.

What is the length of a wash cycle?1

A normal wash cycle will be up to 32 minutes long plus fill and drain time, which will be partially dependent on water pressure. This includes a 15 minute wash, two 5 minute deep rinses, a 5 minute spin, and a final 2 minute fluff/index. Using pre-wash will add 5 minutes to the cycle time. Normal wash times can be set between 1 and 15 minutes.

What are the machine dimensions?

The Staber washer is 27" wide, 26" deep and 42" high at the back of the control panel where the knobs are. The vertical height of the lid is 55" when raised. These are similar dimensions as a standard top load agitator washer.

Do you have a matching dryer?

No. Any manufacturer's white-colored dryer would complement our washer. We recommend that the dryer have a 7 cubic feet drum to handle our large load sizes. We also recommend that it have a moisture sensor and not rely on time only to determine end of cycle.

What is the spin speed?

Our washer spins at around 700-750 RPM based on load size, but can get a 175 extraction G-force inside the tub so that the clothes feel the same as when you remove them from a front loader that spins faster. You cannot wring out any more water from the fabric when you get them out of our washer. There is a certain RPM speed you reach where you are not really extracting much more water, but you are just drying by air (or evaporation). We have reached that certain RPM with our Staber washer where we do not really need to go any faster. If you cannot wring out any more water from the fabric when it is done, then there is not much more room for improvement. The RPM speed of a washer seems to be just a marketing number nowadays.

Is there a water level control?

The Staber washer has a normal and low water level setting, although the appropriate amount of water is used based on the load size. The low setting fills to approximately a 4 gallon water level, while normal fills to approximately a 5 gallon water level for each fill depending on the load size. More water would be used on the first fill when the clothes are dry.

How many different cycles are there?

There are 3 possible wash cycles: normal, permanent press, and delicate. The cycle selected controls several operating characteristics of the washer including wash RPM speed, frequency of reversal during wash, pause time between reversals, and final spin speeds.

How many water temperature selections are there?

The Staber washer has 3 wash temperature selections: hot, warm, and cold. All rinses are done in cold water for energy saving benefits.

Does the Staber have a built-in heating element?


How is service handled?

If required, service is one of the benefits of our Staber washer’s design. It is designed to be end user repairable, even if you are not ‘mechanically-inclined’. There is total front access to the parts, no transmission to worry about, and fewer overall moving parts. If a customer has a service question, they call the Staber Service Department at 614-548-0098 and describe the symptom over the phone. They can either help them fix it over the phone or if they need a part we send it via US Postal Service or UPS. We do not require authorized service people.

Staber can also work with any service company in your area as long as they contact us at 614-548-0098 between 7-3 ET Monday-Friday before troubleshooting machine.

How do I purchase a Staber washer?

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What are the approximate freight costs?

There are no freight costs for the non-coin models if you are within the Continental U.S. Our prices are a delivered price to a residential home or business anywhere within the Continental U.S. Please call us at 1-800-455-2201 or send an e-mail to: if you would like a freight quote if you are outside the Continental U.S.