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THE Sun Mar composting toilets WARRANTY

All units carry a comprehensive 3 year parts replacement warranty, with a full 25 year replacement warranty on the fiberglass body.


Legendary Sun-Mar Quality

Simplicity of design and the use of superior quality materials allow Sun-Mar to offer unmatched performance and trouble free reliability. Essential qualities for those who know your bathroom is no place to take risks! Designed so that there is nothing to break, get stuck, or corrode, Sun-Mar uses marine grade stainless steel and indestructible, long lasting fiberglass throughout!

Outstanding Sun-Mar Service

Should you ever experience difficulties with your Sun-Mar, you may call us during office hours @ 905-332-1314 or e-mail us at and we will solve your problem. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. Because Sun-Mar units are so easy to use and install, we and our customers have found that problems can be solved simply, and over the phone.


    Our founder's first composting toilet received a gold medal at          the International Inventor's Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.




United States Coast Guard Approved: 159.015/1081/0






Sun-Mar has the first self-contained composting toilet in the world to be tested and certified by NSF (the National Sanitation Foundation). NSF listed Excel, 1989.






Electrical Features are CSA approved LR 55929




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