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Sun Mar Excel AC DC Composting Toilet

Sun Mar Excel AC DC Composting Toilet

ONLY    $1599.00


The Excel AC/DC is a standard 115 volt Excel unit, but with 1" safety drains at the rear and dual (2" and 4") vent stacks.

The unit uses the regular 2" vent when 115 Volt power is available and defaults to the 4" NE vent when it is not.

A 12 volt 1.9 watt fan is included for use in the 4" vent stack.

The Excel AC/DC is for those with power now and expect power outages. This unit is a great option for emergency preparations, it will be ready for any power conditon!! It is also a great unit for those without power now and expect to get power in the future for the 110 volt AC this unit uses.

Capacity: IN AC Mode

Residential & Continuous, 3 adults or families of 5

Weekend & Vacation, 6 adults or families of 8

Capacity: IN DC Mode

Residential & Continuous, 2 adults or families of 3

Weekend & Vacation, 5 adults or families of 7


   Purchase our 5-Watt Siemens Solar Panel

Grealy increase the evaporation during outages which in turn increases the usage capacity of this unit by powering the DC Fan with Solar Power.  A Must Have for True Emergency preparedness. This fan will operate as long as the sun is out! Make it a completely non-electric unit.   (Note: The solar panel will not operate the heater)

ST5 5 watts, 15.7 Volts, 0.37 Amps, Datasheet .pdf
1.4 lbs, 8.1" x 13"

Only 65.00




Width: 22 ½" Width with handle: 26" Height: 32 ½"
Height Footrest to Seat: 18" Footrest height: 11" Length: 33"

Rough-In Dimensions

Click on Image for Larger, Printable Version

Required length to pull out drawer: 51" Length with footrest: 42"


Other Specifications

Electrical: DC 12 Volts, 0.12 Amps, 1.9 Watt Fan Electrical: AC 115 Volts, 2.5 Amps (Max.), 30 Watt Fan, 250 Watt Heater (Approx. Average Use 150 Watts) Vents: 2" and 4" Vent Pipe and Fittings (Supplied with Unit)
Drains: 1" (10 ft. Hose supplied) Product Weight: 60 lbs. Shipping Weight: 110 lbs.
Shipping Carton: Width 27", Height 35", Length 35"