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Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 AC/DC Composting Toilet System

Only $ 1559.00

Low Flush Toilet Sold Seperatly



The Centrex 1000 AC/DC was recently re-engineered for better compost flow to include input doors on the left and an output door on the right. This output door is only open when the drum is rotated backwards to extract compost.

Other changes include a larger finishing drawer, easier access for maintenance, and a redesigned access port which is secured by a catch.

All Central units, including the 1000 series are now fitted with a removable evaporating tray under the drum screen in the evaporating chamber. This trays helps to trap any peat moss debris, and provides an extra evaporating surface.

In light to medium seasonal use the 1000 is typically able to hold compost for the full season, and compost needs extraction only in the Spring.

The Centrex 1000 AC/DC features a 250 watt heater in a sealed compartment under the unit and the standard Sun-Mar 30 watt turbo fan and 2" vent stack to ensure odorless operation. It also features a 4" vent stack which is meant to vent the unit when non-electric operation is required.

This unit is ideal for those who do not have power now but are expecting it in the future.

All 1000 series units are supplied with a 1" drain hose which should be connected to the 1" drain at the bottom left of the unit. Click here for more information about handling excess liquid.

The 1000 series is designed only for use with 1 pint flush toilets (purchased separately).