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sun mar composting toilets

A Quarter Century of Technical Leadership

As the world leader for over 25 years SUN-MAR's superior technology leaves all imitators far behind.


1966 Our first cottage toilet (an incinerating design) was invented in Sweden.

1971 The first self-contained composting toilet was developed by the father of two Sun-Mar partners.

1974 The TROPIC, a new design incorporating several improvements, was first produced in Sweden.

1977 Production moved to North America, and the WCM, the first central composting unit, was manufactured.

1979 The first three chamber toilet was introduced using a Bio-drum.

1981 The Bio-drum design proved so successful that the non-electric EXCEL NE was introduced.

1987 A non-electric version of the WCM central composting unit (now known as the CENTREX NE) was added to the line.

1989 The EXCEL became the first self-contained composting toilet to pass the long term composting tests of the National Sanitation Foundation.

1991 The first dual vented unit (the EXCEL AC/DC) was designed for those with a non- continuous 110 volt supply.

1993 The COMPACT, a lower profile unit with a patented variable diameter Bio-Drum, was introduced.

1993 The CENTREX family of lower profile, front vented central units was launched.

1994 The ECOLET MARINE/RV, the first self-contained composting toilet ever designed for marine and RV markets, was first introduced.

1996 The Centrex A/F, a waterless version of the CENTREX, is introduced for use with the SUN- MAR Dry Toilet.

1997: The Centrex Plus, our first high-capacity residential model, was introduced.

1998 The look of the Excel family models was changed to a sleeker, more pleasing style.


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