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Fire Starters
Emergency Blankets
Signal Mirrors
Hand Chainsaw
Mini Survival Kits

Pocket chain saw

Comes in small metal can. Includes small and large chain grips. Small ones fit inside can with chain.

Pocket Chain Saw
Worlds Fastest Cutting Pocket Saw
Very compact - Great for Hunters, Backpakers, Survivalists, Campers, Hikers. Used by the US Military

  • Cuts 3" diameter limb in less than 10 seconds
  • Made of high strength, heat-treated steel
  • Coated for rust resistance
  • Saw in can weighs only 5 oz.
  • Fits in shirt pocket
  • 28 inches long when uncoiled
  • 124 bi-directional teeth

Pocket chain saw
Comes with Large Handles

Refresh the page to see movie again. It really cuts fast !!!
car hammeremergency hammer

Emergency Car Escape Tool - Breaks Glass & Cut Seat Belts Features Include:

• Emergency Hammer (Specially designed to break glass)
• Seat Belt Cutting Razor (At oposite end of hammer)

Orange Only Orange - $19.95 #LHRET01
Silver - $21.95 #LHRETS-01


Firestarter - magnesium fire starter, waterproof matches, strike anywhere matches, storm matches, matches, survival
Magnesium Fire Starter

Magnesium Fire Starter
w/Flint Rod on one edge
$ 6.99

Great Firestarter - A must have!!!!

Will start appx. 500 fires w/magnesium, 25000 strike flint.  Can start fire in right conditions with just flint.  "All weather fire starter".  The fire burns @ 1800 degrees!  Only takes about a quarter size pile of shavings.
3/8" thick, 1" Wide  x 3" Long

Firestarter - Strike Force

StrikeForce Firestarter

Strike Force firestarter
wet or dry fire tinder

Wet or Dry Fire Tinder, 5-Pak
Start a fire in the Sun or when wet !
Could very well save your life if everything was wet!!
Very handy fire tinder.
$7.99 per pak of 5


Wind and Waterproof  Matches
All Weather Matches
$ 2.99/box
1-Box with  25/box

$ 4.49/pak Wind & Waterproof Matches
Waterproof Match Holder - Platic Tube, 1-Tube 25/tube
Has strike plate on bottom of tube

Jet Scream™ Whistle
Hearing is believing! You can't out-scream this whistle! More Info
$ 8.95    #WG0631


Emergency Sleeping Bag
$6.99   #CEB

Silver inside and out. Unlike the Blanket Type, you can get inside of this Emergency Sleeping Bag!

Emegency Blanket 56" x 84"
$2.50   #SEB


Emergency Blanket 56" x 84"
Olive Drab Cammo on Outside, Silver on Inside
$4.49   #OEB


Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket
Olive Drab/Silver
$11.49  #RTB


Signal Mirror

1/4" Thick, 2 Layer Reinforced Glass $8.99  2" x 3"   #SMS


$11.59   3" x 5"  #SML