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PLATINUM-RESERVE™   1 Year Supply for 1 Person

mountain house, mountain house food, freeze dried food, survival food

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Product Description

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The Platinum-Reserve is one of our most popular food reserve units. It's made to bring you and your family greater peace-of-mind and security in today's uncertain times. It contains many of the most popular Mountain House foods as well as our Nitro-Pak 'No-Cook' foods. Your unit will provide over 2000 calories per day for one person for one complete year, or a family of 4 for 3 months! It comes with a total of 168 #10 cans (large resturant size cans) that comes packed in 28 cases for easy storage.

**Please Note: This item has been in huge demand. Some of the freeze-dried Mountain House food items are in short supply due to the recent hurricanes. Mountain House is working around the clock to restock all items. Some items may be backordered for several weeks though (estimate 3 to 6 weeks). Items that are backordered will be shipped as quickly as possible at a later date and we will pick up the tab for any additional shipping cost. That's only fair. Thank you again for your business!

So what's the difference between this unit and our Ultimate-Pak II? This unit has about 75% of Mountain House dinner entree selections, provides fewer side dishes & desserts, and a few other items. To keep the price more affordable, the entree dishes are more slanted toward the lesser expensive items. The Platinum-Reserve provides 2000 calories per day (165 cans) compared to the 2550 calories per day (201 cans) that the Ultimate-Pak II provides. If the Ultimate is a bit out of your price range (or provides more calories than desired), then seriously consider this awesome reserve unit.

Key Features:



We are one of the only companies that offers the COMPLETE LINE of ALL 80+ Varieties of Mountain House’s premium line of gourmet freeze-dried foods PLUS we offer the LOWEST PRICES anywhere…Guaranteed!

PLATINUM-RESERVE™   - $3518.00
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    1 Year Supply for 1 Person
    2000 Calories Per Day
    165 #10 Cans - 28 Cases  (Full pack cans)
    Complete Entrees Dinner Meals for Everyday of the Year!
    SHELF-LIFE:  Most items 15 - 20 Years!
    Estimated Shipping Weight:  600 lbs.
    (No substitutions please)