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Things That Work!

The Sun OvenŠ Testing conducted by Karen Perez Cooking with the sun works! There's an inner satisfaction eating a meal grown and cooked by the sun. It just plain tastes better, too. There are many designs, all work , some better than others. The Sun Oven is long lasting and has several features that make it very easy to use. Packaging and Documentation The Sun Oven is well packaged. The oven is packed with enough sheet foam to make a really nice pillow, no nasty peanuts. The one used in this test arrived safely after traveling from MN to AZ to CA to OR. There's not much in the way of documentation, but not much is needed. The docs do include care, setup, utensils, and a few recipes & solar cooking hints. A larger recipe booklet is promised in the near future. The Sun Oven The Sun Oven is a well constructed, first class unit. The body of the cooker is fiberglass and is insulated by dead air. The inside (usable interior dimensions: 14"W. x 12"H. x 15" D.) is painted with black non-toxic paint. The door is thermal pane, tempered glass that's very easy to open and close and has a whale of a good seal. The reflectors are very shiny (spectral-quality) aluminum are hinged for easy transport and keeping food warm. The oven also has an adjustable leg for easy sun focusing. A really nifty gimbaled shelf helps keep pots level. There's even a carrying handle and a strap to secure the reflectors. Suave! Sun Oven Performance In the last few weeks I've cooked everything from stews to bread. So far, everything has cooked wonderfully. I love baked potatoes, 7 medium ones were cooked to perfection in 1 hour 15 minutes. WOW! (Included are charts with data from several days of entirely edible experimentation.) The docs say to reduce water in recipes by 1/3. They aren't kidding. One cup of water per cup of brown rice is plenty. My only problem with the oven was the interior size, mainly because I wanted to cook more than one dish at a time. I overcame this by stacking pots within the oven. A few days ago I wanted to cook rice, chicken and bread. A cast iron dutch oven held the chicken and rice. I inverted the lid and used it as a platform to bake the bread. It worked great. Conclusions I love it!! In the last three weeks of use the Sun Oven has noticeably reduced our propane consumption. A standard snickered question is "What do you do when there's no sun?" My answer is, "Use SOME of the propane I saved." The Sun Oven really fits our lifestyle, too. In the morning, when I'm energetic, I put dinner in the oven, face it south and forget it. In the evening when I'm beat from working on Home Power all day, dinner is hot and ready. I'm happy to discuss solar cooking.  Karen Perez,  Ca.

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