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History of Sun Oven International

In the last quarter of the twentieth century, it became clear that environmental destabilization due to the demands of industrialization and a skyrocketing human population was a reality. Scientific evidence strongly supports that deforestation for agricultural and fuel use is dramatically changing weather patterns and depleting bio-diversity. The accumulation of so called greenhouse gases" from the combustion of fossil and wood fuels will accelerate global warming. The consensus of world climatologists is that these forces will cause wide-spread suffering in the form of forced migration, crop failures with frequent famine, catastrophic weather events and societal destabilization. No one on earth will be spared from these events, but those groups with the least resources and ability to respond will suffer devastation.

 Outside the industrialized world, the majority of households cook their food with wood or charcoal fires. The gathering of these fuels forces the cutting of forests, destruction of ecosystems and the production of polluting greenhouse gasses. The smoke from household fires contributes to the death of over five million children yearly. Third world families frequently spend half the household income on fuel or half the day gathering wood. In 1985, Burns- Milwakee Inc. was formed to attempt the solution of these problems by developing a cooking oven using the non-polluting energy of the SUN. No fuel is gathered, so forests are spared. Family resources in the non-industrial world can be directed to more fruitful pursuits and everyone on earth benefits from the derailment of global warming. In 1995, two models of the SUN OVEN were perfected with the unprecedented qualities of a conservative twenty year life span, portability, ease and effectiveness of use with the ability for production on a mass scale. The SUN OVEN'S simple design allows easy assembly from pre-manufactured component parts. This enables the creation of third world cottage industries, which experts claim are key in community and social stabilization.

The devices have been awarded U.S. patents and the trademark SUN OVEN". By 1995, both the household GLOBAL" model and the industrial VILLAGER" had reached the level of development allowing tooling for mass production and product appeal in both the domestic and international market. Up to now all production was achieved with hand craftsmanship, with its attendant high costs and inefficiency. Both SUN OVEN's have received extremely enthusiastic reception at international shows and pilot installations. In 1997 the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United States Export Council on Renewable Energy (US/ECRE) committed to facilitate the establishment of SUN OVEN demonstration sites throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.
In June 1997, the largest collection of world leaders in history gathered at the United Nations Earth Summit II to reaffirm the goals set to reduce Greenhouse emissions and prevent global warming. The SUN OVEN provides a way the common person can contribute to this goal. In 1998 Burns- Milwakee Inc. was sold to Sun Ovens International, who will continue the tradition of helping to save our environment.

By the end of the millennium, we hope the SUN OVEN and other renewable energy sources will begin to be popularized and eventually become as familiar in the home as a TV, radio or back yard barbecue.

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