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freeplay radio, crank radio, solar radio

AM/FM Model: #FEM  $45.99

Weather & AM/FM, Yellow: #FEMW  $63.69


The Freeplay EyeMax Self-Sufficient Radio with integrated Flashlight

The Freeplay EyeMax Radio delivers a fascinating new sensory dimension to radio listening. The see-through casings flaunt the complex workings of the radio and engage the user in the science of conveerting human energy into pur listening pleasure. the compelling design grabs immediate attention; and the features give reliable radio reception, weather information (Weather Model Only: #FEMW) and light, anywhere, anytime.

Ofering a choice of AC/DC rechargeability, wind-up and solar power, the EyeMax incorporates the latest in Freeplay's self-sufficient technology - which menas unparalleled sound quality, dependability and durability, all without the need for replaceable batteries.

In a compact, fun and stylish design, the EyeMax Radio is fitted with a DC input facility to accommodate the AC/DC adaptor (supplied) and an earphone socket ofr personal listening. The Freeplay EyeMax is available both as a conventional FM/AM radio, or as an FM/AM Weatherband radio covering the 7 NOAA channels. Both models incorporate an integrated ultra bright LED Flashlight - making them ideal for everday and emergency use.

The Freeplay Eyemax will play for approximately 35 minutes at normal volumne per 30 second wind, additional winding extends playtime. A charge level indicator tells you the best speed to wind. And in direct sulight the EyeMax will both charge itself and play continuously without winding. The internal Ni-MH battery can be fully charged from the solar panel or the AC/DC adapter. The Freeplay EyeMax will give 25 hours of playtime, depending on volume, when fully charged.

Built around the proven Freeplay power train and radio platform, the EyeMax is fun and enticing whilst still offering convenient and failsafe listening and light.

With the Freeplay EyeMax you can have music, light, and access to weather information wherever you go.

freeplay radio, crank radio, solar radio

freeplay radio, crank radio, solar radio