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Civil Defense
Ultimate CD


Over 300 PDF files, close to 20,000 pages, totalling over 475 megabytes, with Civil Defense documents, Military Field Manuals, NBC Prep, Medical, and Survival topics. Classic books from many authors in text format and a small selection of religious books for personal research and audio files included. Also, a complete digital version of Cresson Kearney's 'Nuclear War Survival Skills' book, and the FEMA 'Radiation Safety In Shelters' book. And, copies of KI4U & RadMeters4U & RadShelters4U FAQ series, Bruce Beach's Nuclear Survival web archive, FEMA's CERT training program docs, and much, much more.

Without a doubt, here's the most comprehensive collection of Civil Defense, Fallout Shelter and NBC Survival Prep documents anywhere on a single CD!

Retail Cost $39.95