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NukeAlert Radiation Monitoring  & Alarming, detects and monitors radiation from nuclear and dirty bombsNUKEALERT rear view

  • Introduced at The Health Physics Society Convention 1/03
  • Compact Key Chain Attachable Radiation Monitor & Alarm
  • Monitoring is "ON" 24/7 with long-life ten+ year battery
  • Range encompasses the higher emergency radiation levels
  • 10 distinct 'chirping' alarm levels - easily understood
  • Patent-Pending 'State of the Art' Detector Technology
  • Verified by independent National Radiological Laboratory
  • Each NukAlert™ individually radiation accuracy tested
  • Instruction manual with personal nuclear survival strategies
  • 1 year warranty & Made in U.S.A.
  • In-Stock for immediate shipping & quantity pricing available
  • 5-Year Lifespan

    NukAlert Radiation Alarm Keychain
    1 unit $150.00 - BEST PRICE ON THE NET
    24/7 Monitor & Alarm, Runs Continuously for 10 Years


nukeAlert, radiation alarmCarried everywhere your keys go, with NukAlert's 24/7 constant monitoring, you'll always be promptly alerted to the unseen, but acutely dangerous, levels of radiation if/when present.
A benefit of the NukAlert™, not to be overlooked, is that it will also confirm when and where those higher levels of radiation are not present, too.

With the anticipated general public angst, perhaps even panic, accompanying any future developing nuclear emergency, it will also be very reassuring to know with confidence when, for your locale, that your family is out of the worst danger, too.

"This is the most remarkable advance in civil defense equipment in many, many years. These are truly great devices." - Dr. Arthur B. Robinson, Director of Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, Publisher of 'Nuclear War Survival Skills' book, Co-Author of the Civil Defense book 'Fighting Chance' which sold over 500,000 copies.

"The current Washington status symbol is not a congressional parking pass but a $160 NukAlert radiation detector key fob that looks like a garage door opener but beeps like a Geiger counter when background radiation levels become dangerous." - SALT LAKE TRIBUNE (3/21/03)

Q: Who Needs a Radiation Detector or Meter?
A: The reasons for acquiring a radiation detector or meter, and formulating a family nuclear response strategy, are as varied as are peoples concerns for the future and the safety of their loved ones in this ever changing world. The following all-inclusive list would require different responses (sheltering or evacuation) depending on the nature of the nuclear emergency, but clearly survival in all would be enhanced with having a radiation detector or meter close at hand.
The specific causes of potential life-threatening nuclear radiation emergencies include...

  • Nuclear power plant accidents here or abroad (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl)
  • Nuclear materials processing plant accidents (Tokaimura, Japan)
  • Nuclear waste (radioactive waste from hospitals, spent fuel and radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, radioactive contaminated materials, etc.) storage or processing facilities mishaps
  • Nuclear waste transport truck or train accidents

Accidents involving non-waste, but normal daily nuclear materials transport (trucks, planes, trains, couriers) One out every 50 HazMat shipments contain radioactive materials. Approximately three million packages of radioactive material are shipped in the United States each year.

Improper storage of radioactive materials (non-waste) at any point during their normal material life cycle. (Power plants, Medical, Industrial, Academic, etc.)

Lost or stolen radioactive sources (Over the last 50 years, incidents of lost or stolen licensed radioactive devices occur at the rate of once every other day. See Lost and Stolen Nuclear Materials in the U.S. and NRC Documents Revealing Thousands of Radioactive Source Are Missing.)

Nuclear terrorism here via...

  • An attack on, or sabotage of, a nuclear power plant. (See Sabotage and Terrorism of Nuclear Power Plants)
  • Or, a real terrorist atomic bomb detonated here (See Do terrorists really have nukes here?)
  • Or, much more likely, conventional explosives used to disperse radioactive materials (dirty bomb) to effectively contaminate an area and much within in it. (See Do terrorists really have nukes here?)
  • Or, food or water supplies could be contaminated with radioactive materials.
  • Or, a strong radioactive source could be placed in a location adjacent to where large numbers of the public would file past. They could be unknowingly and dangerously exposed to it, such as at a subway que, sports arena or stadium, etc.
  • Limited nuclear war overseas with the fallout carried here by the wind (See Trans-Pacific Fallout for threat here if any of the 'players' went nuclear in the Mid-East, or Pakistan, India, North Korea, China, Russia, etc.)
  • Nuclear War involving a direct attack upon the USA. (Think that's highly unlikely in your life-time? See Nuclear War Unthinkable? Russian & Chinese & North Korea Preparations Today! and The Final Phase)

Everybody will have different opinions about which of the above nuclear threats is most likely to occur or impact their own family sometime in the future. Regardless, though, in all cases, knowing exactly what the radioactivity is, where you are standing, will always make for better informed decisions in then taking the correct protective action to minimize any future radiation exposure for your family.

Most all modern radiation detector and meter units available were designed for 'peace time' low-level radiation use and would not detect the higher, more dangerous, levels associated with nuclear emergencies. While they might be adequate for measuring natural background radiation levels and above to a point, most would 'max out' well before the radiation levels approached anything near life-threatening.

Cresson H. Kearny, covered this point, too, in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory book Nuclear War Survival Skills, (Chapter 10 - Fallout Radiation Meters) where he wrote:

"Instruments that measure only milliroentgen-range dose rates are sold for war use by some companies. Since most Americans have no idea what size of radiation doses would incapacitate or kill them, and do not even know that a milliroentgen is 1/1000 of a roentgen, some people buy instruments that are capable of measuring maximum dose rates of only one roentgen or less per hour. The highest dose rate that it can measure, one roentgen per hour, is far too low to be of much use in a nuclear war."

Low-range geiger counter type meters, like the CDV-700, Gamma Scout & RadScanner 500, would be helpful if decontamination was required later, and we even offer them here, but without a higher-range detector first, and initially, warning you away from exposure to those higher levels of potentially lethal radiation, the opportunity to later even use a low-range meter may never come!

Another serious drawback of currently available 'portable' radiation detectors and meters was their very limited useful battery life and that even the best of them were still as big as a paperback novel. These limitations make them both difficult to keep continuously "ON" 24/7 and to have it with you personally throughout the day and night as close as your car keys normally are.

The State of the Art, Patent-Pending, NukAlert™ sensor is composed of a Cadmium Sulphide photocell exposed to light emitted by a radioluminescent rare earth phosphor (scintillator). The sensor signal is sampled with every tick or alarm chirp group by a small custom microprocessor. The NukAlert™ is always "ON" 24/7 continuously monitoring and sampling its immediate environment. The long-life battery combined with this patent-pending technology provides continuous monitoring for a minimum of ten years with enough reserve to respond and alarm to a prolonged radiation emergency. (Even at the highest suggested retail, and they are cheaper when buying as few as two, it works out to less than $16 per year over the lifetime of the battery!) And, this key chain attachable, carry everywhere, rugged detector and meter is completely sealed to prevent moisture or contaminants from affecting its operation.

Additionally, it will also confirm for its owner when and where the most dangerous levels of radiation are not present, too, which is also vitally important. With the anticipated general public angst, perhaps even panic, accompanying any future developing nuclear emergency, it will be very reassuring to know with confidence that, for your locale, your family is out of the worst danger.

We see owning a NukAlert™ detector the same as buying family medical insurance, where you acquire it even though you still hope/pray never to have to use it. (Also, too, just like insurance, it'll likely not be readily available after the fact either!) But, with the NukAlert™, know when the "We interrupt this program for a Special Bulletin..." comes across the TV or radio, and your family looks to you, you will be much better prepared for the worst, and to then survive it.

Our commitment to assure radiation protection for all American families is focused on essential personal civil defense education, and that begins with first dispelling the widely embraced nuclear explosion and radiation un-survivability 'myths'. Doing so will then improve most American families odds of survival greatly when they learn the often simple, but truly effective, protective actions they can utilize. You'll discover that more than half of the NukAlert Manual details practical and readily affordable family Nuclear Survival Strategies for if/when the alarm sounds for-real in our future.


"A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them;
the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." - Proverbs 22:3







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