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Dosimeter (Looks like a pen with the pocket clip)- This device measures measures the accumulated radiation that your body was exposed to during a walk into a "hot" zone, or a walk outside of your falloutshelter. You will record the reading in a log once you get back to a safer zone then zero and replace into your pocket.

The direct-reading pocket dosimeter is a portable instrument designed to measure the total dose of moderate and high levels of gamma radiation. The common dosimeters are designated the CD V-138, CD V-730, CD V-740, and CD V-742. The instruments make use of a small quartz fiber electoscope as an exposure detector and indicator. An image of the fiber is projected onto a film scale and viewed through the eyepiece lens. The scale is calibrated in milliroentgens (mR) or roentgens (R), depending on the model, and may be read by looking through the eyepiece toward a lamp or other source of light. A CD V-750 or 756 dosimeter charger must be used in conjunction with the dosimeter to set the instrument to zero. The charger may also be used to read the scale.

Charger - This unit re-sets the dosimeter to zero so that the next time you go out the reading will be at zero enabling you to add the numbers in the log much easier.

Dosimeters and their required Chargers should be readily seen as an important additional asset by anyone that already understands the need for a survey meter. In fact, Bruce Beach even says; "If I had to choose between owning only a rate meter or owning only a dosimeter - I would choose the dosimeter." He also has some creative strategies for making the most of their use at Radiation and Detectors.


FEMA generic basic operating instructions for dosimeters and high-range meters:

When Looking through the end of the dosimeter you will see one of the scales below: