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Important Information About Shipping Cost & Receiving Your Order

We are still able to provide shipping within 1-3 business days of your order.

We do regret in some cases our stock orders have been backordered by our vendors and this does hold up shipments.  If we know that an item is backordered for an extended period of time you will be notified and we may ship a partial order to you.  The backorder will be noted on the invoice and the price of that item will be $0.00 on the price column, and an order number is given for future reference.  You will not be charged any additional freight.

If you choose, you can suggest that we ship a partial order to you and the additional UPS freight cost will be minimal on the backorder.

Please note that we do not charge your credit card until we ship your order. Even though it seems that we charge you when you click the "Submit Secure Order" button in the shopping cart. The only exception to this is if you purchase food supplies. Our distributor/manufacturer requires us to pay for all orders placed. They don't have the means to keep up with which orders need billiing verses have not been billed since they do ship partial orders when a large system is sold. After the first portion is shipped they will only backorder one time so it will be completed in only two shipments at the most. Also, rest assured that all food orders purchased with us is shipped from the distribution/mfg. so that you are guaranteed fresh long shelf life food storage!

Our shipping cost is figured by getting the UPS charge which is based on weight, box size, and number of boxes and adding $3.00/box to the UPS freight charge.  For example, say UPS charge is $6.75, then we add $3.00 handling to make $9.50.  Therefore ($6.75 + $3.00) = $9.75 shipping for your order.  Remember, in order to correctly figure freight you must consider the box size (especially for 3-Day, 2-Day & 1-Day Air Shipments), plus box and fill weight. Box size on air shipments makes a very big difference in shipping cost. It may be a good idea for you to give us a call if you want a close approximation or exact freight cost on air shipments.

If you would like to send in a check or money order, please give us a call or an e-mail with your list desired purchase items and we will calculate the freight cost and give you a total to send. If you send a personal check please give us your drivers liscense number and the telephone number to your bank so that we can make sure your check was not stollen.

Most international orders must be paid for by wire transfer to our bank. Unfortunatley there has been a large amount of fraud attempts with checks, credit cards, money orders, bank drafts, and on. We must receive the funds before we ship the product to most international destinations or even US addresses, and international customers shipping to a USA address.

55-Gallon and 30-Gallon plastic drums cost quite a bit more to ship because they are large and they do not weigh much. Freight & Handling charge for them is the UPS cost + $3.00/ea. handling. The 55 Gal. drum weighs 22 lbs, and its 23"x23"x35" in size which will incure a UPS "oversize 2" charge, and since it is not in a box (according to UPS) they must charge an "Additional Handling Charge". We don't like that additional charge either!! So, the average UPS charge to ship a drum out is about $33.00 each, and the freight ranges from $27.00 to $45.00 each depending on where you live. Send us an email if you would like a freight quote by clicking this link: Shipping Quote (Please let us know your zip code, and what size drum you need a quote on - 15 gallon, 30 gallon, or 55 gallon)

Any order shipped via UPS that has a combined weight 200 lbs or more will cost less per pound for shipping because of special negotiated rates we have with UPS. Only Drums are not included in this weight special, sorry.

If you are buying a Composting Toilet or a Washing Machine, it is very very important before you sign anything from the freight company that you take the product out of the package and inspect it for freight damage. Sometimes it is forklift blades going through the box or sometimes it is hidden, crushed inside the box and if you don't take it completly out of the box and inspect it, you will have major problems trying to get a claim for damages once the truck driver leaves. Once you sign for the package there is little that can be done about getting a refund or repair so please be careful and inspect your toilet, washing machine, refrigerator, or freezer when taken out of the box. Forklifts love to keep going in one direction since they are so heavy, and their momentum mushes good product inside of the boxes.

We aim to be better than our competition by providing quick ship times, and inexpensive freight costs !!! Our website will also soon have a new look and better navigation. We hope that you come back soon!!

AND, we GREATLY appreciate your patronage!

Sandy Picou