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Aladdin Lamps

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The success of the Aladdin lamp is based on the superior performance when compared to other kerosene lamps. In fact, the original marketing technique was a no-cost, no-risk, in-home trial. Aladdin traveling salesmen identified homes without improved mantle lamps by the weak yellow light of their common flat wick lamps. Then the homeowner was offered an Aladdin mantle lamp with fuel for a one week trial. After the trial, the homeowner could return the lamp, no questions asked, or purchase it. The vast majority of consumers spent $4.50 or more for the Aladdin to replace their 25-cent lamps. The key reasons consumers were willing to purchase the more expensive Aladdin lamp were economy in use with much brighter, white light.

Flat wick lamps produce light by the process of burning kerosene with an open flame. These lamps are essentially liquid fueled candles with bigger wicks. The larger the wick—the larger the flame. The Aladdin lamp produces four times more light per gallon of kerosene than flat wick lamps. The Aladdin mantle lamp produces a white light equivalent to 60 candlepower which most consumers prefered over the yellow light of the flat wick lamps. This is still true today.

Proper use and care of the Aladdin mantle lamp does require some attention. The recommended procedures are explained in the instruction manual that comes with every new lamp. The key points involve proper adjustment. The Aladdin lamp, just like a fine engine, must warm up to proper operating temperatures for best performance. The warm-up process takes about ten minutes. It is important to observe the mantle carefully for a period of 10-15 minutes after lighting or adjusting the wick. If you see any orange—yellow flame passing through the mantle, the wick is adjusted too high. (Also, the wick may need trimming.) Failure to lower the wick and eliminate these small orange colored flames will result in a black soot deposit on the mantle. Eventually, the soot will pass through the chimney and into the house. If a soot deposit accidentally occurs on the mantle, do not become alarmed. It is usually possible to burn the deposit off by lowering the wick.

With proper care, an Aladdin kerosene lamp can last a lifetime, as attested by the large number of "antique" Aladdin lamps still in use today.

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