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0' - 325' Deep

Hand Watr Well Pump

deep well hand water pump, hand water pump

Pumping Basics for Deep Wells

NOTE: Type of pump head may differ from the picture on left but installation requirements are the same.

If water is less than 325 ft down: You need four basic components to raise water from these depths.
1) The pump-head is the part you see above ground and provides the pumping action. Ours work on any well (dug or drilled). Some can be used with windmills.
2) The cylinder is the heart of the system. It contains the valves and leathers or seals that provide the lift. Place in well below water level. Most work best with a foot valve. The cylinder you choose must fit into your well casing.
3) The drop pipe extends from the pump to the cylinder. We recommend galvanized steel or PVC (Plastic). (Steel is the traditional favorite, but plastic is less expensive, much lighter and will never rust.)
4) The pump rod runs from the pump to the cylinder inside the drop pipe. It provides the linkage that transfers the pumping action from pump-head to cylinder.
All our deep well components are USA made to the highest standards.
For pumping from 0'-325' use our Stainless Pump Head w/Cylinder Set, or for pumping from 0'-40' you can use our "Good” Deep Well Pump Head w/Cylinder set, or our stainless steel unit with the 2" cylinder.


hand water pump, hand pump, deep well hand pumpStainless Steel Pump Head
with Stainless Steel Pump Cylinder
Down to 200' for full time use, or from 201' - 325' as Emergency Source Only

  • Solar Option Available
  • Tamper Proof Option Also Available
  • Pump up your home pressure/water tank with our pressure adapter with gauge even while connected to your regular system, as a back-up for power outages.
  • Can be installed in well with electric pump
  • An amazing high tech. and simple cylinder pumping system
  • Garden hose adapter on end, or run pipe from it to anywhere using NPT with this positive pressure pump.


hand water pump

This is our Best Quality hand water pumping system for regular to very Deep well applications!

hand water pump, hand pump, 40' pump

Spigot Flange Below

deep well hand water pump, hand water pump


deep well hand water pump, hand water pump

Can Pump from 20' to 40' DEEP

This new space age material pump and Sch.80 PVC cylinder, uses 1/2" Sch.80 PVC for the lift rod allowing for much less effort on each stroke due to the light weight rods. (2" Sch.40 Drop Pipe). Solid brass plunger with 3 leather cup seals in Sch.80 PVC Cylinder. Stainless steel rod on pump head connects to PVC pump rod. Purchase the 1/2" x 20' Sch.80 & 2" x 20' Sch.40 locally to save shipping charges. Our least expensive deep well pump! Foot Valve included. Note: cannot be used alongside an electric pump. The pump above can though.

Installation Instructions


4"x3" Spigot, ABS Plastic Toilet Flange
See links to the left for pictures. (Used as a base, glue on)
#A43CFS   $ 8.99

Extra 2'' Leather Cup Seals. The deep well pump above takes 3 seals on the piston. (Set of 3)
$ 29.40 Item# UPC2C

deep well hand water pump, hand water pump, foot valve

Improve the performance of most wells

Our foot valve helps your cylinder hold its prime and filters contaminates preventing them from entering your pump and damaging the seals. Brass with non-corrosive rubber valve and ABS strainer. For 1 1/4” pipe. Other sizes available. USA made


Not needed with our deep well pump systems. They already come with one. If you already have a pump and need one, this is available.

“Depth” in these product descriptions means distance to water, not depth to cylinder. Any pump works past its “ideal” limit but not very well. If you go beyond the “maximum” limits given for some pumps, they will almost certainly break down.

100% Freeze Proof! A 1/16 in. hole about 1 ft below frost line in the drop pipe of any pump system.lets the water drain out. Unlike pitcher pumps, no need to raise handle.

  • Your Health Department may require a sealed system like the pumps that we sell. They are completely sealed and keep water completely sanitary!




Survival and emergency preparedness products for your backwoods or alternative survival home including flashlights, radios, foods, hand equipment, green solar power, and hand water pumps to name a few. Complete line of emergency survival products Get the best solar water pump, Sunrise, on the market right here for your off-grid alternative green powered home.  Never run out of life giving water, it is essential to any survival situation including natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes.