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The World's best hand grain mill just got better!!!
Now, even children can hand grind wheat berries into fine cake flour with ease.


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They've applied an ago old, tried and true principle to the Country Living Grain Mill so you can have the equivalent of a monster 19-inch fly wheel without the weight, bulk and monster cost (an 18 inch Browning flywheel lists for $107.00).

Exactly what is the Country Living Mill's new (but old) "force field"? We call it the Power-Bar. No, you don't eat it. You simply attach the Power-Bar to the Country Living Mill's flywheel. It's simple. It's quick. Just one bolt (supplied with the Power-Bar) firmly locks the Power-Bar to your Country Living Mill's fly wheel. In less than two minutes you can have all the force and torque that a huge 19 inch flywheel would give you.

Using the Power-Bar means you use 40% less force to produce abundant quantities of flour.

Here's our Guarantee: The Country Living Mill with the Power Bar will grind finer flour with less effort than any other commercially available hand mill in the world!!!

*We can't guarantee that the Power-Bar will improve a child's willingness to work - but it might just help.


Power Bar Instructions and Assembly
1. To attach the Power-Bar to the Country Living Mill's flywheel, you must first (if the wooden handle is already in place) remove the handle from the flywheel.

2. Place the Power-Bar against the outside of the flywheel spoke with the extended brackets going over the spoke. Brackets should be pointing toward the grain mill body. The spoke directly beneath the threaded handle hole must be used for the Power-Bar mounting. The bottom bolt hole in the Power-Bar (the one closest to the extended brackets) must line up with the threaded hole in the rim/spoke of the flywheel. Use a wrench to tighten the bolt to secure the Power-Bar snugly against the flywheel. The welded brackets keep the Power-Bar secure and distribute the force for smooth and easy grinding.

3. Attach the wooden handle through the hole provided in the top of the Power-Bar.

Warning: The power-bar and handle must be removed from the flywheel before any attempt at motorization (or any power-source) other than hand-driven!!!