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Country Living Grain Mill
Letters from Country Living Customers


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March 18, 1996

Dear Mr. Jenkins,
Thank you for the information about the country Living Grain Mill. You sold me! Last August I purchased a grain mill from Lehman's Hardware and Appliances - an otherwise reputable company that caters to the Amish and Mennonite communities. Within a few months (actually, about 6 weeks) of normal usage, the white enamel coating started to chip off their "Best Grain Mill." Plus, the mill operated much much more slowly than advertised. It took me an hour to grind about 5 1/2 cups of flour! It did produce nice flour, though. Finally, a few weeks ago, the , the runner stone came unglued from it's metal plate backing, amking the mill totally useless. Well, Lehman's is giving me a 70% refund on the mill. Your mill seems vastly superior. I heard about it originally from reading Thomas Leonard's Bread Book.

Very truly yours,
Aaron Falbel

Mount Joy, PA

Dear Jack, We are delighted with how easy the mill is to operate and how great it produces. We are using it and we love it. With a twist of the knob it is set from fine to medium to etc, coarse or ground. It does not lose the setting or need continual re-adjustment. A GREAT MACHINE!

Dear Country Living:
I recently attended a consumer show where I tested half a dozen other hand grain mills. The Country Living grain mill was easier to turn and had the most consistent grind of all the other mills. Some of the other mills were so hard to turn, you would have to be desperate to use them! Thank you for a quality product.

Mindy Gordon


Dear folks at Country Living,
We love our mill!! and use it almost daily. Your mill is so much nicer than the Corona. So much easier to use.

Thank you much,
Tess Wagner

Camp Wood, TX
Dec 26, 1995

It is indeed a pleasure to receive a piece of equipment which is so well designed and built that it will last for years! Now days that does not seem to the aim, as it was in earlier years of our country.

Thank you so much,
Ernie R. Mills

Dear Sir:
...I'd like to take this opportunity to comment on the Country Living Grain Mill. One rarely sees a product of such superior quality in all respects. I have found the mill to be of the highest quality construction, design, ease of use, and, in addition, is aesthetically very pleasing. I know there are other mills on the market and even some knock-off products, but I feel anyone purchasing a mill that plans to rely on it for any reason should not hesitate to select the Country Living Grain Mill. Your grain mill is like a radial tire. You may have to pay a little more for it up front but you won't have to replace it or have any aggravation for a long, long, long time. I rarely see craftsmanship like your mill in other products I buy today.

Dr. James Wirth
Redding, CA

Dear Jack, Mr. Jenkins, or Country Living:
We read about a lot of grain mills and I kept coming back to yours. I know it cost a little more but, we feel that you put a lot of tender loving care into your grain mill. We also like the fact that it was made in the U.S.A., it is very difficult to find American Made Products and we find that a very sad commentary. Thanks again for making it possible to support this country's people.

Dorothy Goda