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Country Living Grain Mill
Excerpt from the East West Journal Review


A Consumer's Guide to Hand Mills
Get the freshest possible grain and a bit of exercise, too
By Thom Leonard
East West Journal, December 1985

Country Living Grain Mill

This U.S. made, steel-plated mill grinds flour as fine as any stone mill, is as easy as any of the hand mills to crank, and with continuous grinding will produce 2 1/2 pounds of fine flour in eight to ten minutes. The flywheel has a groove for V-belt operation, powered either by electric motor or exercise bicycle...

The mill has simple lines, is decorated with a cast stalk of grain, and is painted in contrasting beige and brown enamel*. The sample that I tested had been in use for two years, and showed no chips in the paint or other signs of living mill country living grain mill, hand grain mill

The Country Living Mill will grind all grains, large or small, hard or soft, into flour varying from fine to coarse grits... Overall, it's a versatile, efficient, quality mill.

Of the hand mills I tested it's a choice between the Diamant and the Country Living Grain Mill. Either one will cost as much as some of the electric mills. The Diamant is more expensive.**

The Country Living is more compact and a little easier to crank owing to the main shaft running on sealed bearings rather than just in lubricated sleeves...

*The brown has been discontinued, and now the Country Living Grain Mill is powder-coated with an FDA-approved food grade finish. The only hand mill in the world with a food grade finish.

**The Diamant mill is currently priced at around $600.00