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"Thanks for the great OmegaLite flashlight - I continue to use it daily (nightly) on my boat. I sure like it better than the Mag-Lite I was using!"

- John Foster, Shilshole Bay, Washington



"I travel frequently all over the world, and, quite simply, this is the best and most useful flashlight I've ever seen."

- Niccolai Maurizio, Photographer, Trento, Italy



Fantastic flashlight! The combination of reliability, ruggedness, lightness, minimal environmental impact, and longevity is remarkable. Having taught university-level physics for 30 years, I particularly appreciate seeing a magnet plunging through a coil of wire. This is the basis of electrical power generation, of our modern technological world. Michael Faraday would be proud!

- Roy Bishop, Physics Professor at the UCLA



"I love having the flashlight here, in an area where we don't have reliable electricity all the time!"

- Amy de Leeuw, Isla Mujeres, Mexico



"In a smoke-filled room, the OmegaLite was just as bright as our regular halogen-bulb flashlight. We had them in several fire stations for Y2K."

- Lt. Dave Dodson, Loveland Fire Dept., Loveland, Colorado



"It may sound like a bad infomercial but since you boldly suggested me to try to break it... We did! We threw the OmegaLite on the floor repeatedly, kicked it, walked and jumped on it - what we usually DON'T do before a shooting when we don't have a back-up unit. It didn't break, and did not even get scratched. ;). It's a really great product, well thought and well constructed. I am reviewing lots of products, and I don't see that often. I would be more enthusiastic if my English was better! ;). Keep me informed of your new products!

-Pascal Forget, La revanche des nerdZ (Canadian television show: "Revenge of the Nerds")



"I purchased four of your OmegaLite for my family and Christmas gifts. During the holidays, Louisiana had a severe ice storm and a tornado on different days. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your product. I'm informing everyone at church and the Y2K meetings I attend about your great product."

- Donnie Long, Waskom, Texas



"As a concert promoter, I've used the OmegaLite backstage. One night, I got home to a blown fuse. My toolbox flashlight's batteries were depleted; luckily I had brought home my NightStar."

- Carl Pennington, Promotional Consultants Int'l, Seattle, Washington



"I am very impressed with this flashlight. I plan to put it in my emergency boat gear, but will first show it to others. Thanks again!"

- Bob Zorich, Petersburg, Alaska



"One good thing about these lights is that they are such a good back-up in these deep caves. If your main lanterns go bad you won't freak as bad knowing you are without any kind of light. Keep working on good stuff. Thanks."

-John L. Broussard



"Great flashlight, rugged and all. A pleasure to see something well thought out, simple, and reliable."

- Greg Larson



"Took the OmegaLite on a mountain trek in Nepal, where our guides were fascinated by it. But it was most useful in the jungle - we'd hear animal sounds in the dark, and were anxious to see what they were! It was nice too that the LED's soft white light didn't cause those moments of night blindness."

- Linda Ceriello, Teacher, Seattle, Washington



"My wife and I bought the OmegaLite for a wedding present for my brother and his wife and it is amazing, I am going to have to buy one myself... Also, the clear one is the best, its handle glows like a lantern when lit. Thank you for the awesome products."

- Christian R. Trifilio



"With the OmegaLite, you can rely on constant light when you need it most. Bring it along on those dark car trips, or keep it carefully mounted inside your basement door so you can find the dratted fuse box. It's even recommended by Soldier of Fortune magazine; need we say more?"

- Emily Baillargeon, Seattle Weekly, Dec. 10, 1998



"It can lie in a car trunk or go-pack for years and be ready to shake and use instantly. There are no batteries to die, corrode or malfunction in the extreme cold. There is no fragile filament bulb to break...The switch glows in the dark for easy location... It is a tool for all seasons wherein you need fail-safe illumination. The light proved strong enough for foot navigation to about 30 feet in a dark and rainy night... It was truly impressive in total darkness - but its salient feature is it makes you forever independent of battery and bulb logistics. Recommended."

- Don McLean, Soldier of Fortune magazine, Dec. '98



"Stuff recommends: the OmegaLite flashlight. This high-tech torch...will sure come in handy. It doesn't need a battery or bulb, so it lasts a lifetime."

- Stuff for Men magazine, May '98



"Last winter's ice storms in eastern Canada, our coastal windstorms plus earthquake fears suggest that it is wise to plan for trouble. Prepare for an emergency as though for a week in the bush...The OmegaLite flashlight needs no bulbs or batteries. It weighs half a kilogram, has a lifetime warranty, and can be left without use for an indefinite period. It works below freezing temperatures and can survive an inordinate amount of banging."

- Kerry Moore, Vancouver Province, Jan. 11, 1998



"A flashlight that NEVER needs a battery!...this flashlight is the most environmentally sound product with no toxic batteries to dispose of when they no longer function."

- Pattie Mills, The Connection Magazine, May '99



"The OmegaLite uses neither batteries nor a bulb: Power comes from a magneto that produces electricity when you shake the flashlight, and the light source is a white LED instead of a filament bulb. Made of practically indestructible waterproof polycarbonate, it even has a glow-in-the-dark on-off switch. Even if you haven't used it in years, 30 seconds of shaking will provide five minutes of light, and will hold a charge for several days."

- Men's Fitness, May 2000



"A Brighter Idea: Finally a flashlight that never needs bulbs or batteries and has no parts to wear out. A must for your emergency kit. OmegaLite will probably work as well in a decade or two as it does today…All in all, this is one heck of a tough, reliable light in a compact, waterproof package"

- Wired Magazine, May 2000



"A simple shake activates this revolutionary, always-ready light - no more batteries ever again!...OmegaLite is probably the last emergency light you'll ever need to purchase - a fine made in the USA product."

- Lifestyle Fascination, Summer '98



"LEDs have become the most efficient, most environmentally friendly lighting choice ever. The ultimate in sustainability: with a waterproof sealed body, battery-free operation, and lifetime warranty, the OmegaLite could be the last flashlight you ever can see whether that's a bear or a Saint Bernard knocking over your tent, and light the trail to Mr. Ranger's house."

- Real Goods, Summer '99



"Here's the perfect light for your Geographic-inspired camping trips. When you shake the flashlight for 30 seconds, you power it for more than 5 minutes of light. Electromagnetism is the perpetual energy source that powers the LED bulb. The flashlight transforms motion into energy through the use of a high-strength rare-earth magnet and a coil of wire. Proven reliability in extreme temperature conditions, as well as underwater to 180 ft."

- National Geographic Holiday 2000 Gift Catalog


"Using the same magnetic levitation technology that propels Japanese bullet trains, this revolutionary flashlight eliminates the need for batteries or bulbs. Traditional flashlights can fail when batteries run down or corrode, but the bulbless flashlight offers dependable performance every time, even in extreme heat or cold. Simply shake the flashlight gently, and the resulting energy produces bright LED light. Even if left idle for a long time (not unusual for flashlights), the light can be ready in just seconds."

- Hammacher Schlemmer, Fall 2001



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