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DC Ceiling Fans

Newest Model - Now works with higher temperature stoves
Model 802 - Use on top of your wood stove.
Heat Powered Fan
  (10-1/2" Tall, 5-1/2" Wide, 4" Deep)
Place this fan on top and at the back of your wood stove to increase the heating capacity of your stove/heater using no electricity! (Overheating or dropping the unit will void the warranty)
$116.00 (Cannot be used on a propane or natural gas heater, works only on a wood stove top, Gold Colored Fan Blades)


$116.00 - Nickel Colored Fan Blades

$147.99 - EcoFan 806 - For Gas Log Stoves (Designed for lower temperatures that gas log stoves heat to. The 802 above is made for hot wood stoves)

*Dual Heat Controllers in the base to help prevent overheating
*Thermal Enhancement Wings to generate extra power, 9” diameter tri-blade delivers broad range of warm air. (Read directions to prevent overheating- Must be placed at back edge of stove top)
Sorry, won't work on Soap Stone Wood Stoves, the stone absorbs too much heat and does not get hot enough to run this fan.

The Ecofans use new technology in an innovative way to create an energy-saving product that improves the efficiency of stove heating. The fan increases warm air circulation without requiring any external power source. "Using the heat from the stove itself, a module in the fan generates its own electrical energy". The Airplus generates 50% more power than our Original Ecofan and therefore features were developed to protect it from overheating. These include Thermal Enhancement Wings positioned between the aluminum extrusions and Dual Heat Controllers in the base of the fan". "The expansion of the Ecofan line represents Caframo's desire to grow within the hearth industry", said Tony Solecki, Caframo's President and owner. "Our customers have come to expect industry leadership from us, and we will continue to provide this leadership by focusing on these new innovative products".

The Ecofan has found a home in many residential applications, but is also used in diverse environments around the world, including boats in Europe, hunting camps in Alaska and fishing huts in Ontario and Quebec.

Fire Fan

Forces the warm air over your wood stove into the rest of the house helping to warm the whole home. No electrical parts. This great fan runs soley from heated air which drives the piston. When the temperature is sufficient, just push the blade and it will begin turning as long as there is heat being transfered from the base. Sorry, this fan will not workon a Soapstone Wood stove.
200 CFM

(Warning, if unit is taken apart the warranty is voided and refund not allowed. Must be sent back to mfg. for repair & return, no exchange)

  • Powered by the heat from your wood stove
    Any heat source will power this fan.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction or your money back!
  • Piston Driven, Will Not Overheat !!!
  • Weight: 15 Pounds (Extremely Durable)
  • Blade Diameter: 14" (8 Blades)
  • Total Height: 22"
  • No Electricity
  • No Batteries
  • Powered by the wood in your stove!
12 Volt fan with suction cup and screw down base mount

12 Volt DC Cabin Fandc fan, solar fan, 12 volt fan
(Includes both bases)


  • Suction Cup and & Permanent Screw Down Base
  • 7" Finger Safe Blade
  • Two Speeds
  • Lighter Plug Adapter
  • One year Warranty


12 Volt White DC Cabin Fan

· Superior Marine and RV cabin comfort
· Limitless positioning, the unique Gimbal design allows full 360 degree rotation
· Stows flat and compact when not in use
· Ultra low current, draws only 0.4 amps
· Auto Shut-Off if voltage should drop below 10.5 volts fan will not operate
· Battery saver Timer Shut Off can be set for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours
· 7" Fan Blade
· Finger safe blade
· 3 Ultra Quiet speed settings
Screw down base, or comes with 2-sided adhesive tape that can stick fan base in place
· Two year warranty

solar fan

Solar Ceiling Fan :
Solar / DC Powered Ceiling Fans

More Info & Pricing

Battery Fan


Uses 8 - D Batteries
Can use rechargeable Batteries too !!
which can be recharged up to 500 times.

$ 24.97




Battery Rechargeable Fan


$ 22.97 #RCHF5

  • 4-Way Power
  • Built In Rechargeable Batteries
  • 6-V AC Adapter
  • or 4-D Cell Batteries - Not Included
Water Misting Fan, uses 2 AA Batteries



ONLY $11.99

Measures 10-1/2" Tall
Fan Diameter 3"

Uses 2 AA Batteries