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UPS  -  UNITED PARCEL POST   Click "Rates" Icon

Info Needed once at website:  Blue indicates the answers needed for each question
Origin Postal Code:   70737   (Note, some of our shipments go direct from the manufacturer)
Your Postal Code: ??
Residential/Commerical:  Yes/No
How will you get your package to UPS?  Daily Pickup

Are you billing shipping charges to a UPS Account?  Yes
Packaging:  Your Packaging
Package Weight:  ??   
(Always add appx. 3 lbs more when items are shipping in a box)
Package Dimensions:  ??   (For Drums, type in the Diameter twice then the Length, for products other than drums you normally do not need to enter anything here)
Insured Value: ??   
 (Enter if product total is above $100.00, if below you can leave this blank)
If you're ordering a Water Drum Click this button first -
In Optional Services put a Check in the Additional Handling box

If you do not have a Water Drum then click after the Package Dimensions question.

Handling charge: Add $2.00 for ground shipment, Add $3.00 for Air shipment

You should now have a very close approximation of your shipping charges for one package.

USPS - United States Postal Service     Click "Calculate Postage"

We ship International orders and Alaska orders through USPS, we only ship United States main land orders via UPS unless USPS is the only service to your location. Price within the US is very similar when you include insurance and tracking.

  • Click "Calculate International Postage"
  • Click "Package"
  • Choose your Country
  • Enter Weight in pounds, Example, 4.5 pounds, you need not put anything in the ounce box. (Add 3 Pounds to package when product is shipping in box)
  • Choose shipping method
    • Economy (Surface) Parcel Post
    • Airmail Parcel Post
  • Click Insurance then the "Continue" Button
  • Type in the price of the product and shipping added together in the insurance box.
    • Also Click "Return Receipt"
  • If available, click "Tracking"
  • Add $3.00 for handling to the total given by USPS and you should have a very close approximation of the shipping charges for one package.