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Hurricane Lanterns

dietz jupiter lantern, kerosene lantern

Dietz Jupiter Hurricane Lantern   #2500
Some of our customers put Citronella Oil in their Dietz to keep the mosquitos away, and have the light they need. Great Idea!
8-¾" Diameter x 15" Tall
# DJ    $ 20.99

Holds 100oz. of Lamp Oil or Kerosene.
Up to 75hr. burn time, 14 Candle Power and puts out 1,400 BTUs per hour. Dietz has been around for many years and "Wal Mart Specials" are not reliable b/c their fuel tanks tend to leak and spring leaks.

# DW   Wick 7/8"x 36" - $  5.99 Now in Stock!!!
(Note: Wick width varies w/diff lanterns)


Dietz Wick 7/8" x 3'

dietz blizzard lantern, kerosene lantern

Dietz Wick, Sold SeperatlyDietz "Blizzard" Lantern
7-3/4" Diameter x 15" Tall
# DBL    $ 14.97 (BLUE Only)

# DW   Wick 7/8"x 36" - $  5.99 (Note: Wick width varies w/different lanterns)
>>> OUT OF STOCK <<<


dietz jupiter globe, kerosene lantern








dietz blizzard globe, kerosene lantern                                    

dietz jupiter globe, kerosene lanternGlobes can be broken, having light even when the wind is blowing, or having an extra globe is a good idea especially in an emergency. A nice warm light. Dietz Jupiter Globes
3-1/4"A x 4-7/8"B x 4-3/4"C

#DJG   CLEAR @ $7.99/ea


(Note, red has been discontinuted)


Dietz "Blizzard" Globes
3-1/4"A x 2-3/4"B x 6-3/4"C

@ $7.99/ea (Note, red has been discontinuted)


Dietz Filler Cap
(Fuel Tank Cap)
You don't want to use the lantern without this.
#DFC   (Blue) Only $ 1.75/ea