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0' - 350'

Stainless Steel Deep Well Hand water pump. Easily add 12 volt pump later

With the Simple Pump installed alongside your existing electric well pump, you're ready for any and all emergencies.


Using a patent-pending pump rod design, the Simple Pump can deliver up to three gallons of water per minute from well depths exceeding 350 feet, with an output pressure of up to 100 psi (To pump up a pressure tank or up hill). An optional Solar or Wind powered 12-volt Motor Attachment (Fed with Battery) will pump 1/2 to 2 gallons per minute from wells up to 200 feet deep. Built for dependability and backed by a five-year replacement parts warranty. This Stainless Pump:

  • Can pressurize your house pressure tank. Take a shower, flush the toilet - all without electricity or a generator!
  • Fits inside your existing well case beside your electric pump system. You keep two functioning systems - electric and hand.
  • Is completely computer-machined by experienced craftsmen in our own aerospace-caliber machine shop for absolute quality control.
  • Features corrosion-resistant stainless steel components in a freeze-resistant design for years of trouble-free use.
  • Comes standard with a powerful 24" aluminum lever handle.
  • Is easy to install; most homeowners can do it themselves with no special tools!
  • A typical 100 foot installation is an easy two man job and can be completed in about an hour.
  • Five Year Warranty on materials and workmanship!
  • Simple Pumps feature machined components.

How can two pumps fit down the same well? Pump Head Parts
Modern domestic wells are generally constructed using 4", 6" or 8" casing. The casing is the large steel pipe that extends out of the ground. Your electric pump probably uses either a 1" or 1 1/4" pipe (called "drop pipe") extending to the pump. This leaves plenty of room for the Simple pump. If you are using our 4" cover, the maximum existing pipe through the cover is 1". The Simple system uses only 1" pipe. The Simple pump is smaller than the couplings on our 1" pipe. It is also spherical in shape on the bottom so that, as it is lowered, it is less likely to snag couplings on your electric system. Additionally, the Simple pump will be installed 20 to 70 feet above your electric pump, allowing for plenty of space for both.


Solar Powered / Battery
simple pump

Well Cap 6"

2" & 4" well caps

Solar Power Your Deep Weel Pump! We povide the complete kit to power by solar including panels & battery

How deep should I install my pump?
It is not necessary to install your emergency pump as low as your electric pump. Most wells have the electric pump set at 20 to 70 feet below the water level. The Simple pump can be installed safely at 36 to feet below the water level. The pumping effort is determined by the water level and not the pump level. Additionally, it is unlikely that the electric pump would be used at the same time as the Simple Pump. Therefore the water level will not be drawn down when the hand pump is being used. If you intend to use the hand pump at the same time that your electric is being operated, you will need to set the Simple submersible pump cylinder at a depth that the water level will not go below. The company last serviced or drilled your original well should be able to recommend a depth.

Schematic of House pressure systemHere is a a Schematic Diagram showing how you can easily pipe the outlet of the Simple Pump to the outlet of the Simple Pump into your house pressure system. The hand pump can deliver pressure to your home pressure tank. If you plan to connect to your house pressure system, get our ready to go check valve/gauge assembly.
Check Valve Gauge Assembly


Sch.80 1" Drop Pipe with Rod Guide & Pump Rod

Drop Pipe Kit:
Each kit includes 9 feet of 1" schedule 120 PVC , threaded on each end: 9 feet of 80,000 psi fiberglass rod with stainless steel ends forming the "sucker rod"; and a delrin rod guide. The sections assemble very easily. Lowering 100 feet with a pump takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Each 9 foot section weighs about 5 pounds. 100 feet with a pump will weigh about 65 pounds.


Pricing and Purchasing:
The Simple Pump kit (model 100L) comes complete with all necessary installation components: submersible stainless steel pump cylinder (shown in picture above),2", 4", 5", 6", 7"or 8" well-casing cover with clamp flanges, and an upper spigot assembly (shown above). The Drop pipe kit (model 109DP) includes a 1" schedule 120 PVC with coupling, delrin rod guide, and one 80,000 psi fiberglass pump rod with integral stainless steel fittings. Each drop pipe kit is sold as a 9' length kit, U.P.S. limits packages to 9' in length therefore we offer the drop pipe kits in 9' maximum and also in 27" and 54". Example: If an installation requires the pump to be at 60', then seven 9' kits or kits are required. (63')     PRICES

Pitless Adapter Kit (For ultimate freeze protection):
A pitless adapter is commonly used on AC pumps for delivering water through the well casing at a level below the freeze line - usually about 4'. The Mfr. modified a high quality 1" bronze pitless adapter to include a 5/8" diameter chrome shaft which passes through a seal and guide. Their standard sucker rod is then attached to the bottom of the 5/8" shaft, along with their standard drop pipe. When this system is used, all water is directed through the pitless adapter and through the well casing below ground, where it can be piped to your house. The kit includes a 1" bronze pitless adapter with the 5/8" sealed shaft. Below it is a short section of pipe to accommodate connecting back to our standard drop pipe and sucker rods. To connect the pump head rod to the pitless adapter rod, a 6 foot section of 3/8" stainless steel all-thread is provided. Depending on the distance between the pitless adapter and the top of the well casing, the rod is cut to fit. Detailed instructions are included with the kit. It can be used with any model of Simple Pump, both hand and motorized. Here is a a schematic diagram of a motorized pitless system.
#PA1 Pitless adapter kit.

15 Day Return:
Upon receiving your Pump system - If you are not satisfied with the quality or workmanship, return the pump, in its original packaging and condition, within 15 days for a full refund.

Five Year Warranty:
The Pump Company warrantees all parts of our system for a five year period to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We will replace any component that is defective. The defective part must be returned to us along with proof of original purchase. We will pay for shipping charges for the replacement parts within the continental U.S.