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The Country Living Grain Mill

Simply the Best on the Market


The Country Living Mill !!!
A Look Inside
Motorizing Your Country Living Mill
History Behind The Country Living Mill
Letters From Customers
Review of the Mill from the East West Journal
The Country Living Mill Owner's Manual
Connecting Your Country Living Mill to an Exercise Bike
Beware of Cheap Imitations
Recipes for Cooking with Whole Wheat

Accessories and Other Products
The Bean/Corn Auger Accessory
The Power Bar Extension
The Clear Polymer Flour Bin
Grain Flakers and Rollers

Designed to last for many lifetimes.
Now a fine hand mill that can actually out grind many of the electric mills by 10 to 15% and then out grind ALL electric mills by 100% when it really counts!

The Country Living Grain Mill will grind virtually all dry grains and legumes, including wheat, corn, beans, peas, amaranth, etc. It is designed to be quickly and simply motorized.

  • Top rating from two consumer magazines
  • V-groove wheel for quick and easy conversion to electric motor
  • Industrial-balanced cast iron flywheel for easy turning and smooth flow of flour
  • Large hopper holds 2 lb. of wheat
  • Easy dial - self locking adjustment
  • Double sealed industrial ball bearings
  • Hand cast solid aluminum body with FDA-approved food grade powder coating finish
  • 30% less torque or energy required to turn than any comparable hand mill on the market

Country Living Mill
429.00  #CGM

Special: FREE shipping
Contintental USA only ia UPS

21 Lbs, mill only
Your Low Price Guaranteed place of business!!!

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Grain Mill, Power Bar, Flour Bin $464.07 $0.00 frt

Grain Mill, Corn/Bean Auger, Flour Bin $474.69 $0.00 Frt

Grain Mill, Power Bar, Corn/Bean Auger $474.69, $0.00 Frt

Grain Mill, Power Bar, Corn/Bean Auger, Flour Bin $499.73, $0.00 Frt

Extra Grinding Plates
(Spring, washers & key not included) #CGP
With normal, one-family use, your plates should last 3-4 years. Is it time for you to order a replacement set? Your Country Living Grain Mill will be an essential, life-sustaining product during times of emergency. Having a spare set of grinding plates on hand will give you peace of mind. Be prepared and order a set today!
$ 99.95   #CGP

Puchase Type  
If purchased with mill: $85.00

Power Bar Extension bar for more Leverage
Reduce effort by 40%. Recommended by mfg for children & elderly.
See a larger picture with it attached, click below:
More Information on the Power Bar extension
$ 24.00 
Purchase Type  
If purchased w/mill: $17.00
Stainless Steel Corn/Bean Auger
Use the large auger to mill corn, beans, and coffee.  To use, simply replace the standard spring auger with this larger auger.  The large auger is cast from stainless steel.
More information on the Corn/Bean Auger Accessory
$ 38.00  #CLSA
Purchase Type  
If purchased with mill: $31.00
Flour Bin - High Impact Polymer
$ 24.00  #CLFB
Purchase Type  
If purchased with mill: $17.00

Electric Motor Kit
While there is still power, motorize!  The motorization kit includes 1" wooden baseboard, motor with pulley, belt and belt guard, and miscellaneous hardware (washers, screws, Allen wrench)

More Info & Details
$ 399.00  #CECK


Special Buy - Package Price
on the Country Living Mill & Motorization Kit
Only $775.00

country living mill kit

Just In Case, Repair Kit for Counttry Living Grain Mill
Includes 2 replacement bearings, proper size bolt, nut, 2 custom-cut washers to match bearings while pressing, 12 standard washers, stainless steel spring auger, snap ring, 2 long keys, and 2 short keys. (and instructions)
$ 29.89 #CLJIC

Purchase Type  
If purchased with mill: $19.00

country living grain mill hopper lid

Hopper Lid for the Country Living Grain Mill
Keep the hopper of your Country Living grain mill clear of dust and hungry rodents with this handsome lid constructed from natural wood. Designed to fit snugly inside the lip of the hopper.
$16.95 #CLHL

Purchase Type  
If purchased with a mill: $13.00






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