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bucket lid opener

Heavy Duty Bucket Lid Opener $ 3.00


Mylar Bags
12" x 18" 250/box
4.5-mill heavy puncture resistant w/Dbl Mylar & Alum. Foil layers.
(#MB3)  1-249 pcs @ $ .89 ea.,   250 PCs @ $ .79 ea.


Mylar Bags
20" x 30" 150/box
This size is good for 5 and 6 gallon buckets.
4-mill heavy puncture resistant w/foil center layer.
1-149 PCs @ $ 1.49 ea.,   150 PCs    @ $ 1.40 ea.


Why use Mylar bags? To help prevent or greatly reduce:

  • Light from deteriorating the contents in bucket
  • Oxygen absorption causing rancidity.  No oxygen for weevils either.
  • Moisture absorption causing mold and organism growth.
  • Smell from area stored in from entering the food/water

Excellent for storing anything that you don't want moisture or oxygen entering. Great product for freezing foods in, and storing clothing, pictures, even old documents.


oxygen absorbers, oxygen absorbers

Do not open the inner packets, only the clear plastic wrap.
Store unused portion in the smallest glass jar possible.

These O2's are very fresh, beware of O2's On Sale!!
They have a limited shelf life.

oxygen absorbers, oxygen absorbers

PLEASE MAKE SURE THE PILL IN THE BAG IS WHITE or PINK. IF IT IS BLUE THEN THE BAG HAS BEEN DAMAGED IN SHIPPING. DO NOT USE THESE O2'S. Also, do not store the the unused O2's in a "Zip Lock" Bag, they are very bad oxygen barriers and your O2 absorbers will go bad fast. They must be stored in a glass jar for best storage, or the orginal bag.

Oxygen Absorbers
, 500cc 40/bag- $16.50 bag   Item# OA500
Buy 4 bags or more for only $ 13.20/bag


Use 1 per gallon, 3 per 5 gal, or 4 per 6-gallon bucket.
One bag of 25 will do 6  6-gallon buckets.

Diatomaceous Earth

1 LB - $ 6.99   (#DE1)


5 LB -   $ 19.00 (#DE5)


50 LB - $ 39.00 (#DE50)



1 - 2 cup per 5 - 6 gallon bucket
1 pound = 6 cups which is good for 300 lbs of grain.
The earth pulls the moisture out of the weevils and they dehydrate with no way of regaining it. Once you open your bulk storage use this to prevent infestation. Also good for storing grains for sprouting because grains stored in CO2 or with O2 absorbers will not not germinate properly. (Dry Ice and CO2 are the same)


heat sealer, hand sealer, hand heat sealer

5 mm is the width of the seal
Will seal a bag within 3 seconds!

Heat Sealers
A must have for anyone serious about food storage

    12" Hand Sealer - 5 mm seal $  110.99

    16" Hand Sealer - 5 mm seal $149.00

heat sealer, auto heat sealer

24" Automatic & Foot Pedal Sealer

5mm width seal    $ 599.00
(we do not suggest getting a 2mm)

See Pictures of Homemade Stand
Front Angle


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