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survival products

survival products

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We're here to supply your needs in these days of uncertainty. Terrorism and Natural disasters will catch many off guard. Those that are prepared will minimize their need for outside help. It is wise to be prepared in these days of man made and natural disasters. Having a supply of life sustaining water, food, ways to cook or heat it, lighting, heat & shelter are the basics to overcome any disaster. We are at your service for Survival Supplies, Disaster Supplies, Emergency Preparedness Supplies, Generators use a limited fuel supply. So consider Solar Power and Wind Power for your long term Power Needs. Even small solar panels can run radios and a light at the same time. New Solar Panels coming soon!!


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Dr. Sanford Picou Solar products including solar panels, siemens solar, cherokee inverters, trace inverter, solar battery chargers, and solar water pumping. Radios for your home or outdoor camping experience that run with solar, and hand cranking by Freeplay.  They range from shortwave to regular portable AM FM radios Flashlights for emergency or survival.   Freeplay hand crank, shake up Nightstar flashlight, LED flashlights that burn for many many hours on rechargeable batteries.  Use in your car, boat, motor home, or put in your survival gear bag Nuclear accidents or nuclear war is quite likely on the horizon.  Get a good geiger counter, radiation or radiological survey meter that detects alpha, gamma, beta and x-ray waves to keep you protected in any man made disaster or war.  Potassium iodate, KIO3, dosimeters and chargers help to complete your radiation detection survival system. Biolet and SunMar composting toilets for your off grid or getaway home.  Choose from a non-electric or electric composting toilet.  Keep the environment clean by recycling the waste and using it on your home or survival garden. Freeze dried or dehydrated survial and camping food from Alpineaire, Mountain House, Nitro Pak, and Mainstay foods.  Stock up your mountain cabin or survival home for emergencies.  It is lightweight and great for camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and cave exploring. Survival bulk food storage items like mylar bags, oxygen absorbers and desiccant are available here.  Don't forget about the diatomaceous earth to keep your survival foods from being eaten by weevils.  Preserve your long-term food supply with these great buys Choose the Country Living grain mill for the best home grain grinding there is.  The Family grain mill is another great mill with a lifetime warranty.  Make your own bread or oatmeal and even corn flakes.  Purchase the meat grinder attachment or even the sausage maker and your alternative or off-grid home will be ready for business. Buy your Petromax or Brytlite lantern or stove right here.  Great for camping, backpacking, emergency lighting and cooking needs.  This multi-fuel lantern and stove are the best on the market.  They are a must have for your backwoods home or survival cabin. Buy your Petromax or Brytlite lantern or stove right here.  Great for camping, backpacking, emergency lighting and cooking needs.  This multi-fuel lantern and stove are the best on the market.  They are a must have for your backwoods home or survival cabin. Emergency gravity feed drip water filters by British Berkefeld, Doulton or Aquarain.  Filtered water is an essential for survival and/or camping in unknown areas.  Store your filtered water or tap water in our 55 gallon water drum or the Aquatank or Aquaflex water tank preserving it with ion stabilized oxygen.  No one can survive emergencies or disasters without water. Get the best solar water pump, Sunrise, on the market right here.  Or, choose a shallow or deep hand water pump for your off-grid alternative green powered home.  Never run out of life giving water, it is essential to any survival situation including natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes Washing clothes also means drying.  Quickly wring out your clothes with our hand clothes wringer.  We stock residential and commercial hand wringers for any job including oil spill recovery No emergency survival kit is complete without a good first aid kit.  All disasters are accompanied with emergency care.  Be ready for any medical alert with a good first aid kit. Get warm quick, don't let old man winter catch you without a firestarter.  A magnesium fire starter works good but also try the wind and waterproof storm matches.  A must have for any survivalist.  Campers and survivalist alike can't do without a good fire starter.  Also choose from waterproof safety matches or strike anywhere matches Don't let your emergency fuel supply go bad.  Extend the life of your survival fuel for years with Pri-D or Pri-G fuel stabilizer.  Put Pri-Ocide in your diesel or kerosene to keep the algae and microbes from growing in your backup fuel supply Emergency portable and non-portable home backup power.  Choose a diesel generator by Yanmar or a gasoline generator by Honda or Coleman.  Don't let your refrigerator or freezer loose your good food.   Keep your lights on for security or surveillance with our generator backup power systems Emergency preparedness books and survial books.  Learn what to and not to do in a disaster or war.  Use them to help your survival rate during nuclear war or natural disasters.  Also check out our survival food books.  Don't get caught with your pantry down, or making the best of basics are just a couple solar, solar products Bergey, Eagle, Falcon Hand Crank, Solar, Sangean Hand Crank, Solar Nuke Alert, Potassium Iodate Can Fuel, Wood Stoves, Camping Stoves Sun Mar, Biolet Prig, Prid, Priocide Refrigerators, Freezers, Clothes Washer Hand Clothes Wringer Berkefeld & Virus Filter Hand Water Pumps DC Ceiling Fans, Wood Stove Fans, DC Fan Many First Aid Kits Many Firestarters Yanmar Survival Book, Cook Book knife, knives